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Include these countries in your search for top developers.

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With the rise in remote working tools and a growing acceptance of distributed teams, more companies worldwide are looking outside their national borders for top talent. Nowhere is that more apparent than in technology. The talent pool in software development is vast and deep in many regions, and companies looking for the best of the best are well suited to consider hiring foreign workers.

To help you narrow your search and find the perfect candidate when looking for a specific skill set, here are some of the best places to look for software developers based on their knowledge, expertise, cost, and more.

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Where to hire developers internationally 

1. United States

Developers in the United States have a deep understanding of various compliance programs, like HIPAA and PCI-DSS, and can bring that knowledge to inform risk mitigation, security, and policy implementation efforts. American software developers also have access to some of the most advanced training programs in the world, thanks to world-class universities. Many developers gain experience with tech giants and startups, making the country a great source of diverse and cutting-edge developer talent.

2. India

India has long been a hot spot for outsourcing IT functions, thanks to a substantial pool of skilled developers. Most Indian workers speak English fluently. One reason for India’s dominance in technology and software development is its emphasis on math and science education. On average, about 34% of students select degrees in STEM fields, making India the number one country that produces the most STEM graduates. 

3. Ukraine

Despite economic setbacks, Ukraine continues to be a hot spot for global tech talent due to its rapidly growing IT sector. Most Ukrainian developers shine in the C++ programming language. Ukrainian coders also consistently perform well in competitions related to security.

4. Canada

Companies looking for programmers with experience and skill in Java, C++, and Python should look to Canada. Toronto is a fast-growing center of tech expansion, with about 25% of Canadian students graduating with a STEM degree every year. 

Thanks to favorable exchange rates, it’s also more affordable to hire Canadians. However, other countries can also benefit from Canadian talent thanks to the country’s welcoming immigration policies and thriving tech ecosystem. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are especially attractive to foreign companies seeking a tech hub with a diverse talent pool and a favorable work-life balance.

5. Poland

Poland’s strong education system produces competitive developer talent, especially in the Java, Python, Shell, and Ruby programming languages. A significant number of Polish developers speak English as a second language as well.

Poland was among the first countries to embrace the EU’s security, IP, and data protection laws, and developers can bring much-needed expertise to companies creating products for the European market. 

6. Brazil

The Brazilian workforce is significantly younger and more tech-savvy than many others, and has a spirit of creativity and innovation not often found in more established markets. Most companies turn to Brazil to find junior developers. And while salaries vary by location, even the highest-paid tech workers earn less than other parts of the world, making this an affordable place to find talent.

7. China

China's thriving tech industry and its emphasis on STEM education have led to a surge in highly skilled developers. As a global leader in technology, China offers unique expertise in various areas of software development. It’s critical for companies seeking Chinese software developers to work with reputable outsourcing agencies and establish clear and strict parameters regarding ethics and IP before signing a contract. 

8. Estonia

Estonia has rapidly emerged as a digital leader thanks to its advanced e-governance and tech-savvy population. Estonian education focuses on STEM, creating a small but highly skilled talent pool. Thanks to a thriving startup ecosystem, Estonian tech workers excel in cybersecurity, blockchain, and software development. An innovative approach and supportive business environment make Estonia a compelling and affordable choice for sourcing top-notch developer talent.

9. Germany

Germany dominates the European tech landscape due to its skilled workforce with expertise in engineering and programming, a robust technical education system, and a renowned culture of innovation. Germany fosters strong relationships between its universities and industry, creating the perfect support system for innovation in areas like artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology. The government also provides strong support for technological development, including tax incentives, competitive loans, and investments in digital infrastructure. 

10. Australia

Australia’s tech industry is booming thanks to an emphasis on innovation. The country is at the forefront of a number of technological advancements, like blockchain machine learning and artificial intelligence. Recruiters in Australia often attract talent from other nations with a high standard of living, excellent work-life balance, and employee-friendly work environment.

11. Mexico

With a growing tech scene and bilingual workforce, Mexico is an excellent place to source skilled developers. Mexico has a commitment to supporting technological development, with a quarter of Mexican graduates earning STEM degrees. The country is a great place to find talent for app development, system infrastructure, and offshore software development. 

12. South Korea

South Korea boasts a well-developed tech ecosystem, strong educational institutions, and a culture of innovation. For tech companies looking for expertise in electronics and software development, South Korean developers can bring innovation and a unique edge. The government encourages investment in technology with subsidies for companies in developing industries, and local firms have a reputation for providing the best developer training in the world

13. Vietnam

Vietnamese software developers are young, tech-savvy, and dedicated, making Vietnam a rapidly growing outsourcing hub for companies around the world. In fact, Vietnam ranks sixth globally for outsourcing. An excellent educational system produces thousands of well-prepared graduates every year, all of whom are proficient in English thanks to stringent university requirements. 

Hiring in Vietnam also means spending 30% to 50% less than for comparable talent in the U.S., India, or China. Workers are highly skilled, and often bring soft skills and technical proficiency to global companies.  

14. Sweden

Sweden ranked third in the world for innovation, and offers a well-educated workforce. Many Swedish graduates have experience working for a major tech company, as more than 200 companies call Stockholm home. What makes software engineers especially attractive is the local university’s emphasis on training students to work with different cultures, especially in the fields of AI, AI programming, robotics, and machine learning. 

15. Argentina

Argentina is a rapidly growing powerhouse in the Latin American IT market thanks to a strong educational system and high-quality public universities. The Argentine tech workforce is young and vibrant, and growing by as much as 20% annually. Most of the workforce is multilingual, making it a consistently popular country for companies looking to outsource. Tech companies are flocking to this South American hot spot thanks to government incentives for software companies that establish a presence there. 

16. Philippines

The Philippines excels in cloud solutions, social media integration, and cybersecurity, and it’s geographically convenient to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. The low costs of hiring workers in the Philippines makes it an ideal place to seek affordable software development talent. Startups and companies working on limited budgets often look to the Philippines for diverse talent, especially for PHP, ASP.Net, and Ruby on Rails.

17. Czech Republic

A favorable tax rate and business-friendly climate make the Czech Republic a popular spot for tech startups that want to tap into the country’s rich history of technological innovation and its well-developed IT sector. The country ranks among the top global hubs of software, game, and web development, and thousands of students graduate from STEM programs annually. Like Poland, the Czech Republic is a member of the EU and a pioneer in European data protection laws. 

18. Singapore

Singapore is a global financial and technological hub with a strong emphasis on innovation. Its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and diverse talent pool attract tech companies seeking high-quality developers. Tech companies looking for exceptional talent in web development, app development scripting, and system architecture will find qualified workers in Singapore.

19. Portugal

Portugal has one of the top education systems in the world and produces half a million IT graduates every year. With a cost of living significantly lower than other European cities, tax regulations that are favorable to companies establishing a presence here, and a vibrant tech scene, this is a great place for companies to find a deep well of talent. 

20. Kenya

Demand for software developers from Kenya is high thanks to a rapidly growing pool of enthusiastic, talented, and well-educated young IT professionals. The tech scene offers a great deal of untapped potential in the realms of mobile technology and software development. Investments in African startups are also on the rise, and the overall sentiment among developers is that technological innovation is more important than income. 

Growing your engineering team across borders

When it comes to sourcing exceptional international talent, these 20 countries stand out as prime options for tech talent acquisition. Each country offers a unique blend of technical expertise, innovation, and favorable conditions that can contribute significantly to a tech company's success. Once you’ve sourced potential candidates, check out this developer interview plan to help you identify and hire the best.

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