The 20 best countries to hire freelancers

Include these countries in your search for freelance talent.

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, hiring freelancers has become a strategic approach to accessing specialized skills and expanding project capacity. This comprehensive guide for business owners and project managers outlines the top 20 countries from which to hire freelancers. Each country on this list offers unique advantages that make it an ideal destination for sourcing high-quality freelance talent.

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Where to hire freelancers internationally

1. United States

The U.S. boasts a vast pool of skilled freelancers across diverse industries. Its native English speakers, professionalism, and wide range of expertise make it a prime location for sourcing freelancers. Over one-third of the U.S. workforce performs freelance work, meaning employers have no shortage of U.S. freelancers to work with. 

Companies can connect directly with top U.S. freelancers online on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn. 

2. India

India’s large talent pool, competitive pricing, and proficiency in English make it a go-to destination for hiring freelancers across various fields. India is one of the fastest-growing freelancing countries, boasting around 15 million freelancers who work with employers from the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia.  

Companies working with freelancers based overseas will need to be careful to follow all applicable labor laws in the freelancers’ home countries. Other factors, such as operating in different time zones and using different currencies, can also complicate matters, but working with a global employment platform like Oyster will make managing such concerns much easier. 

3. Philippines

The Philippines offers a strong English-speaking workforce with expertise in areas such as virtual assistance, content creation, and customer service, making it a preferred choice for outsourcing freelancers. By revenue growth, the Philippines is currently the fastest-growing freelancing country, highlighting how valuable employers find freelancers operating in the Philippines. 

4. Ukraine

Despite the ongoing conflicts and economic crisis in Ukraine, its growing reputation for highly skilled freelancers (particularly in IT, design, and writing), along with competitive pricing, makes it an attractive option. Demand for freelance services in Ukraine is growing significantly, as more freelancers are accepting a 40-hour workweek. Additionally, their skills are admirable and effective.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan’s emerging tech and freelance scene, coupled with cost-effectiveness and diverse skill sets, make it a noteworthy choice for outsourcing freelancers. IT-related freelance services make up a major portion of the country’s freelance exports, but this percentage is dropping. However, freelance services, such as content writing, marketing, sales, and finance, are growing in Pakistan. 

6. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is gaining recognition for its proficiency in web development, graphic design, and content creation, making it an affordable destination for hiring freelancers. Low labor costs draw employers to the 650,000 freelancers in Bangladesh. The country has a large youth population, which will likely fuel the growth of the freelancing pool in the coming years. 

7. United Kingdom

The U.K.’s pool of talented freelancers, especially in creative and professional services, offers a blend of quality and expertise that aligns with Western markets. Employers looking for freelancers in sectors such as business support, writing, and translation can find highly qualified freelancers in the United Kingdom. 

You can connect with freelancers in the U.K. on sites such as PeoplePerHour and Toptal. 

8. Canada

Canada’s skilled and bilingual freelancers, particularly in tech, design, and marketing, make it an appealing option for North American businesses. Employers around the world can benefit from the expertise of over 2 million Canadian freelancers

You can find Canadian freelancers on Guru, Fiverr, and, among other sites. 

9. Australia

Australia’s highly skilled freelancers, often specializing in creative and digital fields, bring a unique perspective to projects and collaborations. Over 4 million Australians complete freelancing work, with content writing, proofreading, and marketing among these freelancers’ most common services. 

10. Poland

Poland’s IT expertise and proficiency in software development, along with competitive pricing, make it an appealing choice for outsourcing freelancers. For employers worrying about risks associated with hiring independent contractors, it’s important to classify each worker correctly. Pay attention to Poland’s legal distinctions between employees and freelancers when hiring freelancers from the country.

11. Nigeria

Nigeria’s growing tech scene and young, innovative workforce offer opportunities for sourcing freelancers skilled in tech, digital marketing, and content creation. In particular, employers can find talented freelance software programmers, photographers, and developers in Nigeria. Just be aware when using Nigerian freelance platforms that there are some concerns about their ability to vet freelance talent. 

12. Brazil

Brazil’s creative and design-focused freelancers, combined with a vibrant startup ecosystem, present an attractive option for project-based collaborations. Recently, there has been a significant spike in demand for Brazilian freelancers, particularly from companies in countries such as Portugal and Germany. 

13. Kenya

Kenya’s freelancers, often proficient in content creation, social media management, and digital marketing, provide an opportunity to tap into Africa’s emerging tech talent. Pay close attention to the currency used in each country when paying international freelancers. Kenya, for example, uses the Kenyan shilling, and freelancers from the country may expect payment in this currency. 

14. Portugal

Portugal’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, affordable living costs, and quality of life make it an attractive destination for tech-focused freelancers. With a skilled workforce in areas such as web development, design, and e-commerce, Portuguese freelancers offer a blend of European expertise and competitive pricing. The country’s thriving startup scene and emphasis on innovation contribute to a pool of freelancers who can bring creativity and modern solutions to a wide range of projects.

15. Mexico

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S., cultural affinity, and growing freelance community create a favorable environment for sourcing skilled freelancers. The country’s freelancers boast skills in writing, translation, software development, and marketing, among other disciplines. 

16. Indonesia

Indonesia’s tech-savvy youth and proficiency in digital marketing, design, and web development offer opportunities for cost-effective freelance collaborations. Connect with Indonesian freelancers on 

17. Argentina

Argentina’s creative freelancers, particularly in design, animation, and digital arts, can bring a fresh perspective to projects. Any companies looking for talent in these areas, particularly if they can accommodate Spanish-speaking freelancers, should not hesitate to consider freelancers in Argentina. 

18. Spain

Spain’s bilingual freelancers and expertise in creative fields, marketing, and translation provide a bridge between cultures and languages. Between native-Spanish and high English fluency rates, Spanish freelancers are able to work effectively with employers from all over the world. 

19. Egypt

Egypt’s growing tech scene and skilled freelancers in programming, web development, and design offer cost-effective solutions for outsourcing. Employers looking for talent in these areas will be well served by turning to freelancers in Egypt. 

20. South Africa

South Africa’s diverse talent pool, often skilled in writing, digital marketing, and customer service, presents opportunities for sourcing quality freelancers. The talent in the country are also native English speakers, making South Africa’s freelancers even more appealing to many employers. 

Working with freelancers around the world 

From North America to Africa, Asia to Europe, these 20 countries offer a diverse array of options for hiring exceptional freelancers. By strategically tapping into these global talent pools, business owners and project managers can leverage specialized skills, creativity, and cultural diversity to enhance projects, drive innovation, and achieve their goals. Whether seeking cost-effective solutions or unique expertise, these countries provide a rich landscape of freelance talent to propel businesses forward.

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