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Hire, pay, and care for Team Members anywhere in the world with Oyster’s global employment platform.

Starts at $29/contractor/month
Start working with global contractors quickly and compliantly.
Contractor hiring in 180+ countries
Localized pay in 120+ currencies
Invoice and expense management
Global HR tools
Access self-serve HR tools to help calculate employment costs, find optimal locations to hire in, and more.
Oyster Health (add-on)
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Starts at
Compliantly manage a global team of employees and contractors.
Prices may vary by country, see all countries served here.
Includes everything in Lite, plus:
Full-time employee hiring in 130+ countries
End-to-end global payroll
Built-in legal, tax, and privacy compliance
Reduce risk with unmatched IP Protection
Localized support and knowledge centers
Time-off management
Automate time-off management and payroll adjustments all in one place.
Oyster Health (add-on)
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Custom Pricing
Get additional support for managing large teams around the world.
Includes everything in Business, plus:
Custom global compliance support
Dedicated hiring success team
Oyster Health (add-on)
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Discounts for nonprofits

We have a soft spot for other impact-driven companies. If you’re a certified nonprofit or B Corp, enroll in Oyster for Impact to unlock discounts for our platform, access educational resources, and more.

Oyster for Impact

Oyster for Refugees

Global employment makes it possible for refugees to find stable jobs from anywhere. With Oyster for Refugees, you can find refugee talent and hire them compliantly—at no or discounted costs—and build a brilliant, diverse team.

Oyster for Refugees

Show your team you care with Oyster Health

Health benefits matter to employees—and can make or break your acquisition and retainment goals. Add Oyster Health to your plan to unlock competitive rates and exceptional coverage for Team Members in 180+ countries.

Access excellent extended healthcare options for Team Members worldwide.

Unlock the best rates in the market no matter the size of your business. 

Provide statutory and extended health insurance to your team under one plan.

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Hire, pay, and take care of your global team 

Whether you’re making your first international hire or scaling your cross-border teams, Oyster makes it easy to navigate this new world of work.

Get the protection and confidence you need to onboard the world’s top talent with locally-compliant contracts in 180+ countries.

Deliver fully-compliant international payments to contractors and Team Members on time and in 120+ currencies. 

Access easy-to-use management tools for signing, onboarding, and paying international contractors for free. 


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Can I pay Oyster in a non-local currency?
Is there a minimum number of team members or a minimum commitment required?
Can I use Oyster for free?
What are the available payment methods at Oyster?
Which countries can I engage talent in? Does price vary by country?

Without Oyster, I don't even think I would even consider hiring internationally. Oyster has made it so easy that it's become a viable part of our business strategies.

CEO and founder of Juno

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