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Wish someone told you about Oyster sooner? Help a fellow business discover Oyster’s fast and easy global hiring—and earn $200 for every successful referral.

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Share your love of global employment

Inspire companies to kickstart their global employment journey with Oyster and reap the rewards. (Talk about a win-win.)

Receive cash bonuses
Help other businesses access great talent around the world—and get paid for it! For every successful referral, you’ll receive $200.
Become a thought leader
Passionate about remote work? Oyster’s referral program provides a platform to be a global employment advocate and lead change.
Make a
global impact
Each referral you make helps us build a bridge between companies and talent everywhere, so everyone has the chance to thrive.

How to get started

Know a company that needs our help? Then there’s no time to waste! You can create a link and complete a referral in three easy steps.

step 1

Create your personal referral link

Provide your email address, click the “Create Link” button, and voila—you’ve created your personal referral link!
step 2

Share with another business

Share your personal referral link alongside your global employment success story through email, social, Slack, or text message.
step 3

Earn cash and make a difference

Show others what’s possible with Oyster. If you inspire someone to sign up and hire a Team Member using your link, you’ll receive $200!


Spread the word about Oyster

And connect companies with all-star talent around the world.

Take your referrals to the next level

Think you could refer in higher volumes? Then it’s worth checking out Oyster’s Affiliate Program, where you can earn up to 20% revenue share!

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