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When you need contractor help, time is of the essence. Access contractor management tools to streamline paperwork, onboarding, and payments. (We're talking minutes!)

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You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to work with a global contractor. Oyster provides compliant end-to-end support (from signing to paying), so you can bring the world’s best freelancers aboard quickly and risk-free. 

  • Use self-serve tools to draft, edit, and sign contracts in minutes
  • Meet compliance with help from our expert legal team
  • Create flexible contract terms (hourly or fixed-term) 
  • Reduce risk with unmatched IP protection
  • Avoid penalties associated with worker misclassification
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Set your team up in minutes

When you’re moving quickly on a project, you don’t want to wait on third parties to help you sign and onboard a contractor. Our platform is self-serve, so you can easily create compliant contracts, set up payment information, and kickstart onboarding all on your own.

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Build trust with error-free payments

We’re here to help you master global payroll and impress your contractors with a seamless invoicing and payment experience. Choose the preferred currency and frequency—we’ll make sure it’s delivered accurately and on time.

*For US-based contractors, you can also automatically generate 1099 and W9 tax forms. 

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Cover all your bases with top-tier protection

Need help navigating local laws or ensuring your intellectual property is protected? Along with carefully-drafted agreements created by our legal team, you also have dedicated IP experts in your corner to reduce risk and ensure your intellectual property is always protected. 

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We help teams grow faster across borders

David Dawoud

Head of People at Demodesk


Oyster has it down in terms of its simplicity, but it’s genius at the same time. It’s simple enough that you don’t need to feel the burden of maintaining numerous systems. That’s the beauty of it."

Ally Fekaiki

CEO and founder of Juno


Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the UK was a nightmare for us... now it's super fast and painless."

Tyler Parson

VP of People at Chili Piper


The biggest impact that Oyster has had on our team is certainly efficiency and speed. We’re able to onboard employees a lot faster and with a lot less anxiety about whether we’re doing it right. With Oyster, we trust that we did do it right."

 Smarter hiring is here

Get access to tools and resources that help you calculate employment costs, generate compliant contracts, and discover more about the places you want to hire in.

Time off

A time-off management tool that allows you to track and manage time-off requests and automate subsequent payroll adjustments.

Bamboo Integration

Get access to tools and resources that help you calculate employment costs, generate compliant contracts calculate.

Team Member Reports

Download a list of all your team members and their employment data including location, start date, and salary.

Automated contractor hiring

Quickly hire and onboard contractors with automated contract generation and signing.

Onboard team members

A centralized flow to invite new team members, upload documents, review and sign contracts in one place.

Built-in legal and tax compliance

Our legal team studies local laws to create compliant contracts that reduce your liability and protect you against country-specific risks anywhere you want to hire.

Country Profiles

Quick reference guides with all the need-to-know info for hiring and taking care of team members, based on where they live.

Away From Home Coverage

Oyster’s health benefits can also be availed by your team member anywhere outside of their home country.

Pay in 120+ currencies

Pay your global team members in their local currencies directly via Oyster and reduce foreign exchange costs.

Direct Debit

Set up direct debit to automate payments to your team members and avoid payroll delays.

Bonuses and commissions

Make additional payments to team members such as bonuses and commissions.

Invoice Management

View, approve, and manage all Oyster & Contractor invoices in-app

Expense Reimbursements

View, approve, and reimburse your team member expenses in-app.

Contractor Tax Forms

Generate 1099 and W9 tax forms for your US-based contractors.

Team Member Dashboard

Team members can file expenses, apply time off, and view their contract, payslips, and benefits – all from one place.

Localized Health benefits

Offer locally optimized benefits (currently in the US, CA, and FR) for better coverage and to stay competitive.

Oyster Health Global

Provide health insurance to your team members (FTE and contractors) in 180+ countries even if they’re not hired and/or paid through Oyster.

Relocation Assistance

Get connected to Oyster’s vetted network of relocation partners and relocate your team members without hassle.

Remote Work Regulations Guide

Guidelines for remote work benefits in 30+ countries including recommended stipends, data protection, and more.

Equity Assessment

Become a global equity expert and understand what type of equity could be provided to your team depending on where they live (Currently in beta, GA releasing soon).

Benefits Advisor

Learn how country-specific statutory and extended benefits work and what local employers offer and local experts recommend to better care for your team.

Cost calculator

A simple and transparent tool to understand the total cost of employment based on your team members' country of residence, including taxes and contributions.

Employment Cost Index

Calculate and compare employer taxes and employee taxes in different countries.
One platform,a world of opportunity

No more haphazard onboarding, accident-prone excel sheets, or tricky local taxes. Oyster does it all, giving you peace of mind wherever your team members are located.


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