Benefits for global teams

Offer country-tailored or globally-accessible benefits packages that are compliant, fair, and competitive. Attract and retain top remote talent with Oyster Benefits.

Designed with you in mind

Sorting out benefits ain’t easy when your team is spread around the world. 

Oyster answers the hard questions and handles the groundwork so you can easily meet the needs of your people—wherever they are.

  • Compliant hiring and payroll in 180+ countries

  • Faster time-to-hire with streamlined paperwork and communication

  • One platform to onboard and manage all team members

  • Streamlined global payroll

  • Single source of truth for contracts and documents

  • Dedicated customer service

  • Simplified hiring for full-time employees and contractors

  • Access pre-created local and global packages
  • Level up your offer with Competitive or Best-In-Class packages 
  • Offer health, pension, allowances, and more under one package
  • Easily enroll Team Members with self-serve software

Offer global benefits packages

Find pre-created global packages with competitive pricing and worldwide coverage in 165+ countries. Feel confident you’re meeting compliance and employee expectations as you expand into new geographies.

Additional highlights:

  • Covers all pre-existing health conditions
  • Mental health, vision, and telehealth included
  • Maternity care, dental coverage available
  • Can be combined with local benefits for extra coverage

Learn more about the provider, Allianz, and what’s included.

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Offer local benefits packages

Provide localized experiences even as a distributed company. Explore our growing list of country-tailored benefits and choose from pre-created packages to level up your offer.

Learn more and find a list of available countries here.

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Both local and global benefits are available as add-ons for the Oyster Employee and Scale packages.

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We help teams grow faster across borders

David Dawoud

Head of People at Demodesk


Oyster has it down in terms of its simplicity, but it’s genius at the same time. It’s simple enough that you don’t need to feel the burden of maintaining numerous systems. That’s the beauty of it."

Ally Fekaiki

CEO and founder of Juno


Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the UK was a nightmare for us... now it's super fast and painless."

Tyler Parson

VP of People at Chili Piper


The biggest impact that Oyster has had on our team is certainly efficiency and speed. We’re able to onboard employees a lot faster and with a lot less anxiety about whether we’re doing it right. With Oyster, we trust that we did do it right."


How does it work?
How does the enrollment process work?
What is the difference between Essential, Competitive, and Best-In-Class?
How are global and local benefits packages different? What benefits should I offer to my Team Members? 
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Cultivate a thriving team with Oyster

With guidance, knowledge, and pre-created packages at your fingertips, you and your people are in good hands.