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Let the talent come to you

When your hiring process is slick and your benefits are better, you’re likely to attract the best of the best. When you put your trust in Oyster, people put their trust in you.

Pay anyone, anywhere

With Oyster, you can give people more when it comes to their money. No more accident-prone excel sheets and forget tricky local taxes. Oyster does it all, letting you manage payroll in one place, in every currency.

Your legals, looked after

Oyster understands local market specifics so you don’t have to. Reassure employees with contracts that protect them, and feel protected yourself with IP and invention protection on a global scale.

Stable job,
strong community

Oyster makes it easier for companies to offer the stability of full-time employment, with benefits to match. And because people don’t need to drop everything for work, their community gets a boost too.

the wealth

Getting a good salary doesn’t have to mean moving to a big city. Oyster makes it possible for people to earn a fair wage for a job well done.

No one's more sick of
commuting than the planet

Zero-commute jobs mean less traveling, less congestion, and less impact on the planet.
"Because of Oyster, we were able to continue growing our distributed team and building our company, even as the world was shutting down from the pandemic."
Gabriel LeRoux
Cofounder, Primer
"Oyster's one-stop solution has enabled us to tap into the global talent pool quickly and easily."
Paul McGuire
CEO, tru.ID
"As a remote-first organization, we valued Oyster's ability to provide our new hires with a great onboarding experience. And the service and support from the Oyster team has been remarkable."
Ben Stephenson
CEO, Impala

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