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Moving fast? Receive your custom report in minutes

Confidently classify your workers

By performing a country-specific risk and cost analysis, you can make informed decisions quickly. 

Easily share your custom reports

Need to loop in other stakeholders? Access a summary of the results that’s easy to download and share. 

Run multiple analyses at once

If you’ve got more than one contractor to assess, you can upload a CSV of all their information to save time.

Other Tools

Calculate the Total Cost of Employment

Instantly calculate the total cost of employment based on your team members' country of residence, including taxes, contributions and the Oyster flat-fee with the Global Employment Cost Calculator.

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Global Employment Templates

Find all the templates you need to supercharge your global recruiting team

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Time Zone Crossover Calculator

Build your team across borders while working as synchronously, or asynchronously, as you like. Plug in your location, the minimal amount of crossover time you think you need, and discover the optimal locations to hire in.

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