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Looking for recruitment strategy templates?

Launching into global employment introduces many new processes for your business. Instead of starting from scratch, try Oyster’s tried-and-true templates—crafted and vetted by industry experts, so you can grow an international team like a pro.

Recruiting email templates

Need help crafting an offer or rejection email? Or to notify candidates of delays in the hiring process? It’s easy with these plug-and-play email templates.

Recruitment strategy templates

Worried you’re overlooking an essential part of your recruitment plan? Find recruitment and interview templates, checklists, playbooks, and more.

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Remote Work Regulations Guide

What remote work benefits should you offer? Use these benchmarks to stay compliant around the world—and a cut above the rest.

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Global Employment Cost Calculator

Instantly calculate the total cost of employment around the world, including taxes, contributions, and the Oyster flat fee.

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Benefits Advisor

Find out the statutory, basic, good, and best-in-class benefits that companies in top hiring locations offer and local benefits advisors recommend.

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