What are remote talent marketplaces, and their role in your hiring scheme?

Recruit your dream team with a remote talent marketplace

Over the last decade, the dynamics of the workplace have changed due to a host of factors that have substantially altered the way we work and the way we hire. 

One major driver of change in the workplace is the need for a global talent pool ready with unique and varied skill sets to take on challenging projects. This need has emerged because organizations are no longer limiting themselves to designing a particular part of a website or only producing specific bespoke software. Companies are expanding their horizons and are thus in need of distinctive employee skill sets. This gives rise to a new problem: finding the right remote talent to help with new opportunities.

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To build the team they need, companies have been relying on their existing recruitment process, but it’s often lengthy and complicated. Even after an exhaustive and seemingly endless search, companies still fall short of finding the best talents, and they end up missing project deadlines. 

The good news is that thanks to remote talent marketplaces, it’s now possible to skip that lengthy and frustrating process, recruit your dream team, and start getting work done. As companies try to keep up with the rapid pace of change, they need a more efficient hiring process, and remote talent marketplaces do an excellent job of bridging the gap.

What is a remote talent marketplace?

A remote talent marketplace is a platform that sources world-class talents from across the globe, regardless of location or geographical borders. Talent can come from anywhere and everywhere, providing access to some of the best skill sets in the industry.

Remote talent marketplaces make your job easier by providing access to top global talent. These marketplaces include talent sourcing agencies, job boards, and recruiting firms. But their primary goal is to assemble talented individuals ready to explore the opportunities you present to them.

What are the benefits of using a remote talent marketplace?

For organizations looking to expand into new and exciting areas of development, having a global talent pool at your disposal can be a huge competitive advantage. A remote talent marketplace can:

  • Provide access to the finest skill sets in the industry
  • Help hire talent from anywhere in the world
  • Aid in quick onboarding of vetted and verified talents
  • Assist by taking care of paperwork and legalities
  • Offer guidance in assembling bespoke teams from the talent pool
  • Help diversify areas of business with unique skill sets

The benefits vary depending on the industry, but remote talent marketplaces are especially helpful for organizations hoping to expand globally. After all, if your company wants to have a presence in several parts of the world, you need a talent pool that is equally wide and diverse.

Who can benefit from remote talent marketplaces?

While almost all organizations, from fintech to retail and software, can tap into the advantages of virtual talent marketplaces, startups tend to be the big takers. With limited resources, startups have an uphill task getting their projects completed. They need access to the highly skilled, global talent that remote talent marketplaces offer. 

However, these talent marketplaces aren’t just for startups. Any organization needing immediate access to pre-vetted global talent can use them to quickly get their projects up and running.

Remote talent marketplaces simplify the hiring process

Remote talent marketplaces bridge the gap between the demand and supply of talent. For instance, if you are looking for a new employee to urgently fill a particular role in your organization, these talent marketplaces are the best place to start. 

The global job market is always in a state of perpetual motion. Employees switch companies for various reasons, and organizations are always looking for ways to improve their workforce. With so much going on, a talent marketplace can make it easier to replace an employee or fill a new role without starting from scratch.

The hiring process—from initial approvals to receiving applications, shortlisting, interviewing, and more—can happen with just a few strategic partnerships. Regardless of your area of specialization or business, talent marketplaces can help hire employees from various locations. 

The only aspect you need to check is whether the partner you plan to work with has talent pertaining to your industry. After that, the rest of the hiring process should be relatively uncomplicated.

Below are some of the industry's best remote talent marketplaces that source the best global talent and help to place them in projects worldwide.

Oyster is a global employment platform that supports organizations in hiring talent worldwide. Their Global Employment Pass resource helps in developing a premier global talent pool. Organizations can hire from the global job board, which is open to international applicants from various industries.

A.team is a talent platform comprising employees and teams for product, engineering, design, and marketing roles. As the name implies, the platform has a selective "member-only" policy for organizations and tech talents worldwide.

Gloat meets business demands by quickly matching qualified talents to suitable roles. They have a large talent pool with varied skills to choose from, helping organizations recruit a select workforce from their platform.

CodeMonk comes with an AI-enabled platform to fill open roles with top talents worldwide. The machine learning algorithm makes it easier for employers to search, review, interview, and hire candidates directly, without any limitations. With the "hire a team" feature, companies can easily hire a whole team to work on a particular project.

Harnessing the global workforce 

A remote talent marketplace takes care of the strategic work to ease the hiring process and help organizations reduce downtime. It can eliminate the time spent searching for the right talents to employ. With all the preliminary legwork already done, you get the best international talent worldwide to grow your business and achieve your goals.

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