Global payroll, enhanced user permissions, and more: April product updates

See what’s new this month.

Oyster Product Updates: April 2024

Oyster is committed to simplifying your global employment experience, down to every Excel copy-paste action. We’re thrilled to share the latest product updates, designed to streamline your workflows and boost your team’s efficiency.

Let’s dive in to our roundup for the month:

  • Introducing Global Payroll (beta)
  • Multiple access roles per user 
  • Automating your expenses workflow with Zapier
  • A more discreet offboarding process

Global Payroll in Canada, Spain, and the UK (beta)

Global payroll is complex, especially if you’re navigating different laws and using multiple platforms. With Oyster, use one platform to compliantly and efficiently pay:

  • EOR team members in 130+ countries
  • Contractors in 180+ countries 
  • Your direct employees in Canada, Spain, and the U.K., with more countries coming soon  

Multiple roles per user for improved team collaboration

We’ve unlocked a new level of customization for better access control. You can now select and stack multiple roles for each user, giving them exactly the right set of permissions they need.

Learn how to assign access roles to users in your Oyster account or head straight into the app to manage user permissions today.

Automate your expenses workflow with the Zapier integration

Don’t have an expense integration you need? Look no further! You can now add or retrieve expenses from Oyster with Zapier. Automatically upload expenses from your Google Sheets to Oyster, or from Oyster to your Google Sheets—whether in bulk or in real-time.

Set up your desired workflows, i.e. “zaps,” by following these steps or click below to enable the Zapier integration first.

What else is new?

A more discreet offboarding process: Offboarding is a delicate matter, and foresight is key. You may want to start the process well ahead of time. When you initiate offboarding on Oyster, rest assured that it remains confidential—we will not notify team members. If there’s any compensation-related contract change in progress, you’ll be promptly informed to avoid issues down the road. Additionally, the team member engagement status will change to “terminated” one day after the agreed termination date, giving you enough time for necessary actions. Learn how it works.

Oyster fees in the pre-funding invoice: Oyster fees are charged in the pre-funding invoice. You can see the fees on the Payroll page in the app. Any changes in the Oyster fees between the pre-funding date and the end of the month will be applied to the settlement invoice. Learn more here.

Want to see these new features in action? Log in to Oyster to try them out yourself!

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