Pay Bands, Carta integration, hiring automation improvements and more: November product updates

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Oyster Product Updates: November 2023

At Oyster, we believe that hiring around the world should create exciting new opportunities, not slow you down. That's why we're thrilled to introduce some exciting new developments this month. We've integrated Oyster Pay Bands into our Salary Insights Tool to help bridge pay gaps, and brought you a seamless integration with Carta for efficient equity management.

Here’s our roundup for the month:
💰 Simplify salary decisions with Oyster Pay Bands
🧩 Streamline equity management with our Carta integration
🤖 New hiring automations such as contract quality scores and e-signatures
📢 More updates including new platform roles and time-off reports

Introducing Oyster Pay Bands: Where business meets ethics

At Oyster, one of our missions is to create a more equitable global hiring landscape. To help other companies do the same, we released Oyster Pay Bands - our proprietary salary ranges developed with Oyster's unique compensation approach.

Try Oyster Pay Bands in our Salary Insights Tool to benchmark salaries and make equitable, informed decisions when hiring globally.

Integrate seamlessly with Carta, the leading equity management platform

Say hello to our new Carta integration! Now you can automatically import equity grants made on Carta into the Oyster platform and ensure that your equity grants sync with local regulations. Eliminate redundant data entry, save time, and streamline your equity management process.

Unlock hiring efficiency with contract quality scores and advanced e-signatures

Get insights on how your employment terms stack up. Our new contract quality score will display a score and share if your contract is meeting statutory, customary, or best-in-class practices in the location you are hiring in. Oyster leverages deep country-level knowledge to share these insights so you can offer attractive time off, probation, and other terms.

Also, advanced e-signatures are now available if you’re hiring in France, Italy, Turkey, Romania, and Brazil. You can now verify employment and confidentiality agreements, and send out signature requests directly from your Oyster account to Team Members. This feature simplifies global hiring, especially in countries with stricter digital signature requirements.

What else is new?

👥 New Oyster platform roles:
Equip your colleagues to work more efficiently by assigning the right specialized company or platform roles to the right people. Our latest update brings you four essential roles: Expense Administrator, Time Off Administrator, Payroll Administrator, and Invoice Administrator. Learn more about each role or assign these new roles to your company now.

🕰️ Time-off reports: Do more with your time-off data! You can now download a report of all your Team Member’s time-off requests and vacation balances, which makes it easy to sort, filter, and understand request details. Learn more or download your report now!

Can’t wait to see these new features in action? Log into Oyster to try them out yourself!

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