What is absence management?

Absence management

Absence management is the way in which an employer deals with employee absenteeism to ensure minimal disruption and maximum productivity while maintaining employee health and wellbeing.

Absence management policy

An absent management policy is a document that outlines the procedures to follow when employees miss work due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, as well as disciplinary procedures for employees whose absence rates are excessive or questionable.

An absence management policy has to strike a balance between supporting employees who have to take a leave of absence and supporting company productivity.

Why does absence management matter?

The vast majority of absences are genuine. Employers should approach their absence management policy as a mechanism for both supporting employees to take time away from their work when their health demands it, and enabling them to return to work when they are able. Without a policy in place, this situation can become stressful for all parties involved and become problematic for both the health of the employee and the productivity of the company.

An emphasis on health and wellbeing can both help decrease non-genuine absences and support work-life balance that can help to reduce the impact of illness.

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