5 benefits of hiring remote workers in 2023

Considering the benefits of remote work.

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Did you know that there are expected to be 36.2 million American employees working remotely by 2025? With this trend on the rise, there’s no better time to consider the benefits of growing your remote work team in the new year. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic altered the professional landscape, remote work was becoming more common in companies across the globe. Below are some of the top benefits of hiring remote workers to help elevate your 2023 recruiting plans. 

What are the benefits of hiring remote workers?

1. Access to worldwide talent

Before the remote work boom, most people worked in a traditional office setting. Companies looking to hire only had two choices: hire locally or hope candidates were willing to relocate. This is no longer the case. With remote work, you can hire people from all over the world. Not only does this make it easier to find a good fit, but it may allow you to save money on hiring. 

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2. Flexibility for your team members

While it may not hold true across the board, most people enjoy the flexibility of remote work. From a home office to a local coffee shop, there’s flexibility in where employees set up shop for the day. 

Remote workers also have the flexibility to better juggle their work life and personal life. For example, a worker can start their day 30 minutes early so they’re able to drop off their children at school. 

The flexibility associated with remote work is one of the primary benefits to employees working outside of the traditional office. 

3. Increased productivity

According to Zippia, workers are 13% more productive when working from home—and overall worker productivity has increased by 5% over the last few years, even during the pandemic.

It’s natural to have concerns about what remote workers are doing when you can’t see them, but that’s where trust comes into play. When you hire the right talent and trust them to do their job, there’s nothing to worry about. And when everything goes as planned, the resulting productivity will speak for itself.

Here are some of the many reasons why remote workers are more productive:

  • Working in a more comfortable environment
  • Fewer distractions
  • More flexibility to take restorative breaks

Would you rather have a semi-productive, on-site employee or a fully productive remote worker? 

4. Satisfying new hire demands

In today’s world, more workers expect remote work and flexible working arrangements. In fact, many job seekers only consider fully remote opportunities. 

If your company offers fully remote work, it puts you at an advantage compared to other organizations in the same market for talent. 

If possible, give new hires a choice to work remotely full-time or on a hybrid schedule. This provides them the power to decide what works best for their unique needs. 

5. Reduced overhead

The more people who work on-site, the higher your overhead costs. This includes expenses such as rent, utilities, and office supplies. 

You need a bigger space for 100 employees than you do for 50. And with that bigger space, you’ll pay more money for rent and utilities. 

Conversely, remote workers are responsible for their own space. They can work from a home office, spare bedroom, local coffee shop, or anywhere else that allows them to focus on their work. 

Other benefits of hiring remote workers

Along with the above, here are several additional benefits of hiring remote workers:

  • Lower environmental impact and improved sustainability
  • Access to the best talent the world has to offer
  • Improved inclusivity, diversity, and exposure to different cultures
  • Greater employee retention, resulting in lower hiring and training costs
  • Less commuting time, resulting in less tardiness and absenteeism

As your remote workforce grows, you’ll realize that there are even more benefits for your company and your team.

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