What is work from anywhere (WFA)?

Work from anywhere (WFA)

Work from anywhere (WFA) is a term that describes a remote work policy where workers are encouraged to work from anywhere in the world. Workers are given the flexibility and autonomy to choose where they work from and their employer provides them with the tools to stay connected with their colleagues remotely.

What’s the difference between WFA and remote work?

Remote work is a blanket term that covers many scenarios, for example, work from home policies and even hybrid work, where workers still visit the office occasionally. These types of remote work policies may also require workers to remain in the country where the company is established to avoid any legal complexities when it comes to payroll and tax.

WFA is on the more flexible end of the spectrum where companies give workers the freedom to choose where they work from and use global employment platforms, like Oyster, to navigate the complexities of having team members in foreign countries.

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About Oyster

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