What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work

Hybrid work is a work model that combines remote attendance with in-office attendance. In a hybrid environment, employees work from home on some days and commute into an office on other days.

Hybrid working relies on the digital tools that make remote working possible, as well as the in-person collaboration of a more “traditional” office attendance model.

Hybrid working has grown in popularity over the last couple of years as companies transitioned from all-remote work during the pandemic to a more flexible model with an in-person component.

What are the benefits of hybrid work?

The inherent flexibility of hybrid work makes it an attractive model for many. For workers who have busy schedules outside of work, the option to work from home a few days a week can alleviate time constraints caused by long commutes.

For workers who experience higher productivity in remote environments, hybrid working offers the best of both worlds—collaborative in-person work when needed, combined with focused and productive remote days.

There are also financial benefits of hybrid work as spending on gas and meals while outside the home is reduced.

What are the challenges of hybrid work?

While there are many benefits of hybrid work, there are also challenges. For example, if remote days and in-person days are not aligned on a team, there is potential for some teammates to miss critical updates and live conversations.

There is also a risk of fully in-person employees having more “face time” at the office which could lead to “proximity bias.

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