Replacing work-life balance with work-life synergy

The future of work feels more human.

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We can’t deny it any longer—distributed work is here to stay. But this new reality of distributed teams has put a lot of weight on managers’ shoulders, as they’re now responsible for establishing a sustainable work culture and community while working apart from their employees. 

So what should leaders keep in mind in order to stay close to their teams in a distributed environment? To find out, we met with Julie Jeannotte, Senior HR Expert and Researcher at employee engagement platform Officevibe

Julie views this new responsibility as a huge opportunity to build a future of work that feels more human. Leaders of distributed teams are now looking to connect and engage with their teams in a more meaningful and collaborative way.

“We must ask ourselves this question: how can we, as a company, fit the way we operate into people's lives, and not the other way around?”

For Julie, this means leaving hustle culture in the past and making room for work-life synergy and wellbeing. She recommends managers allow employees to play an active role in developing employee experience programs and share the responsibility to drive engagement, culture, and performance as a team.

Hear what Julie has to say about employee experience in the distributed future. 

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