How Oyster shines a light on the global hiring process

Oyster positions you with a competitive global advantage.

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For hiring managers and People leaders looking to build an all-star team, the next frontier is hiring globally. Rather than limiting your talent search to just a few hub cities, why not build an international team with the best candidates from around the world?

According to a recent article by the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, the company of the future is default global, with its HQ in the cloud and a distributed team working from around the world. It’s a tantalizing vision of the future, and for companies that serve customers worldwide, having a global team offers the added benefit of keeping you close to your customers. 

So, let’s say you’ve found the perfect candidate—think Spain, India, or Ireland for example. What’s next? That’s where it gets tricky. Each country has its own employment laws and tax regimes, so everything from variable compensation, to restrictive covenants,  to taxes and benefits needs to be locally compliant. Figuring out the probation period in Brazil or the statutory sick leave in Japan can quickly become overwhelming.

It’s a lot like navigating one’s way in the dark, worrying about missteps and the potential risks involved. And even when you solve  the compliance problems , how do you compete in a tight marketplace for global talent?

The good news is that Oyster’s global employment platform is built for compliance and positioning you with a competitive global advantage. Better still, the platform offers intelligent insights and guidance throughout the hiring process, so you can be confident that you’ll be compliant and competitive in attracting key global talent.

Compliance you can trust

With a global employment platform designed for local compliance,  you won’t go wrong on the hiring journey. The platform will offer you hiring forms that are specific to the Team Member’s country with localized employment terms incorporating the shared interests of you and the Team Member. 

With Oyster ensuring compliance, we provide greater comfort so you can feel less inclined to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers or consultants to achieve a global compliance solution. Our platform also helps you avoid the problems of legacy Employers of Record (EORs) and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) systems with dated manual processes through strategic integrations and automations to increase the efficiency of your talent engine. And since Oyster provides a single platform for everything from hiring to payroll to benefits and perks, you don’t have to struggle with the administrative burden of using multiple vendors and tools. Your HR, finance, and legal teams will appreciate the time and effort they save by having an efficient and streamlined process in place.

Guidance you can rely on 

When putting together an offer, how do you know what would be a fair and attractive package in any given country? How can you decide on benefits that go beyond statutory requirements, so that you’re not just offering the minimum?

The Oyster platform’s guided hiring process is designed to help with exactly that. The software guides you through each step of the hiring process by proactively delivering intelligent insights based on contextual, country-specific knowledge. It’ll make suggestions about the statutory, competitive, and best-in-class options for a variety of employment terms, so you can make informed decisions. With localized knowledge and guidance built in, you can feel confident that you’re offering a competitive package that’ll help you hire and retain top global talent.

Automation that puts you in control

Have you ever had to email back and forth for days with an EOR? Or manually enter the same data into multiple tools and systems to accomplish a routine task like payroll?  

The Oyster platform automates many of the steps that would otherwise have to be completed manually. Automation streamlines each process and makes it fast and easy. Once you’ve entered the new hire details, you can invite the Team Member onto the platform to enter their information, and track progress without having to email back and forth. This ensures a smooth, stress-free onboarding experience for both People teams and for Team Members.

What’s more, Oyster’s integrations with a growing list of HRIS, ATS, and ERP solutions means seamless syncing of data between platforms—increasing automation and decreasing instances of human error. For instance, a new hire’s data from an ATS software can be imported to pre-populate a hiring form in Oyster. Similarly, when it’s time to process payroll, invoices approved in Oyster will appear automatically in your ERP accounting software. By providing a centralized, self-serve, automated platform, Oyster makes handling even routine tasks a delightful experience.

Coming soon: Local benefits and equity

The Oyster platform will soon offer tiered local benefits packages, ranging from basic to best-in-class, that will include health and life insurance, perks, allowances, and pension. With contextual guidance, you’ll not only be compliant with local requirements, but can also choose a fair and competitive benefits package tailored to each country. 

Equity is another feature that’s coming soon to ensure that your global team gains a sense of ownership and belonging, and feels invested in the company’s success. The Oyster platform will  help support administering your equity plan in a global marketplace by also ensuring you’re meeting local tax withholding and reporting requirements through automations and integrations.

Let Oyster illuminate your global hiring journey

We’re constantly improving and upgrading Oyster’s global employment platform, and rolling out the latest features in more and more countries.

The next time you’ve found your dream candidate halfway around the world and want to make a compliant and competitive offer, you can depend on the Oyster platform to surface the local knowledge and insights you need to make every decision with confidence. It’ll feel like having a trusted advisor by your side the whole way, helping to illuminate global hiring and brighten your day.

Want to see how Oyster lights the path to global hiring? Request a demo today!

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, engage, pay, manage, develop, and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. Oyster lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world—with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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