How to get hired anywhere with Oyster’s Global Employment Pass

Ready to get hired anywhere?

Meet your global employment pass

In a recent survey, we found that 59% of job seekers expect the ability to work from anywhere, and 44% say remote working was one of their top three factors when it came to their ideal company. Can you relate?

We know that finding and retaining a job isn’t always easy, and not being afforded equal employment opportunities due to your location can whittle your job prospects even further. 

Whether you’re new to remote work or an experienced digital nomad seeking yourr next role, Oyster’s new Global Employment Pass can help. It’ll equip you with the resources you need to upskill and boost your candidacy, discover fully remote jobs, and empower your dream company to recruit global talent (like you!).

Want to learn more about what you get with Oyster’s free Global Employment Pass? Keep reading!

What is Oyster’s Global Employment Pass?

Oyster’s Global Employment Pass provides remote workers of all experience levels with the tools and resources they need to level up their skills and effortlessly make the case for global employment to any organization. It includes:

Free remote work training courses

From working across timezones to holding effective remote meetings, remote work calls for a different skillset than a traditional in-office setting. While anyone can become a successful remote worker, there’s a learning curve associated with an entirely new way of working.

If you want to build your foundational skills as a remote worker or upskill to stand out in a crowded hiring world, Oyster’s Global Employment Pass will score you access to all our Oyster Academy courses—for free! 

Pitch materials for your future boss

Say you’ve found the perfect role at a company that aligns with your interests and passions. It’s everything you’ve been looking for after a stressful job search—except the company isn’t hiring in your country.

A global employment platform (like Oyster!) could solve that. Unlock access to our “Get Hired Anywhere” email template to show your future boss how easy it is to hire and pay new Team Members across borders. 

Global job board access

Once you’ve discovered the ability to work from anywhere in the world—and have levelled up your skills to thrive in a remote or distributed work environment—the next question on your mind is probably: where do I find the best remote jobs?

While a lot of job boards include remote roles, many job seekers wish it was easier to filter through remote postings to find the ones that accept international applicants. That’s where our job board can help! All-star candidates like you can use our new tool to find fully remote, global opportunities. 

Time to get hired—anywhere!

With the right tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to find and thrive in a remote role. Global employment opens up a whole new world of possibilities (literally). Now’s the time to explore your options and dive into the global talent pool!

Ready to get hired anywhere? Check out Oyster’s Global Employment Pass today!

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