Watertight Protection, in Every Corner of the Globe

IP Protection

Protect your trade secrets with confidentiality and intellectual property agreements.

Employment Liability Insurance

We've got you covered with premium liability insurance coverage, around the globe.

Privacy Compliance

Beyond GDPR, Oyster is compliant with privacy and security requirements in every country.

Locally Compliant Contracts in 180+ Countries and Counting

Local compliance guardrails ensure your employment agreements meet local labor laws and give your business the legal protections you need. Generate locally compliant contracts in days, not weeks.

Employment Compliance

We've designed our contracts to reduce your liability and protect you against country-specific risks anywhere you hire.

Hire Contractors or Full-time Employees in Minutes:

Once you find the right candidate, generate a new contract in a few clicks; manage all your contracts in a single platform.

Local Legal & HR Guidance

No need for you to master the law in every country you hire in; our team and network of legal & HR experts are here to help.

Legal, Operationalized

Reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane tasks. Oyster makes it easier to focus on what matters by streamlining the legal part of your workflow.

Set and Forget Preferences

Set your contracting preferences with a few clicks and you’re ready to generate contracts from anywhere.

Team Document Storage

All of your contracts and other employment documentation in a single place.

Offer Equity to Your Team

We'll support your equity plan with legal assistance and facilitate documentation like  side letters or exercise packages.

Legal for Everyone

We strive to make legal approachable and understandable for everyone, both employers and employees.

Streamline Communication

No dealing with 3rd party vendors across the globe; you can rely on our team for quick and delightful legally compliant guidance.

One Team; One Dream

Remove the limits of international borders and all of a sudden you'll have access to the best talent in the world. Build your team of all-stars and keep them happy by providing fair, compliant employee experience that allow everyone to do their best work.

Offer a Great Local Employee Experience

Oyster helps you provide the terms  and benefits that are important and relevant to employees in their local jurisdictions.

Legal & HR Guidance

You can rely on our legal and HR expertise every step of the way, with country-specific regulatory guidance. We have tools and resources for every part of the employee lifecycle (onboarding, off boarding, benefits, equity, time-off).