Ease your way into asynchronous work and broaden your hiring horizons

Grow your talent pool without altering your workflow

The world is smaller than you think. Discover new hiring hotspots that you hadn’t thought to look in before.

Ease your way into asynchronous work

The best way to work is the way that works best for you and your team, whether that’s one meeting a week or one a day. Ease into asynchronous work one timezone at a time.

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Time Zone Crossover Calculator

Build your team across borders while working as synchronously, or asynchronously, as you like. Plug in your location, the minimal amount of crossover time you think you need, and discover the optimal locations to hire in.

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Calculate the Total Cost of Employment

Instantly calculate the total cost of employment based on your team members' country of residence, including taxes, contributions and the Oyster flat-fee with the Global Employment Cost Calculator.

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Benefits Advisor

Benefits Advisor equips you with a list of statutory, basic, good, and best-in-class benefits that companies in the top hiring locations offer and local benefits advisors recommend.

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