Default Global: Billion Dollar Disruption: Oyster's Global Hiring Revolution

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Default Global: Billion Dollar Disruption: Oyster's Global Hiring Revolution

Join Vit Koval on the Default Global by GoGloby podcast as he speaks with Oyster's CEO Tony Jamous about the world of global hiring. They discuss how Oyster's platform is helping companies employ talent worldwide by navigating local labor laws, streamlining payroll, and benefits. Tony shares insights into Oyster's growth and how embracing remote and global mindsets can attract top talent.

Tune in to the conversation to:

👉🏽 Discover the shifting landscape of work with remote and flexible employment becoming the norm

👉🏽 Learn about Oyster's approach to compliance and talent competitiveness, ensuring seamless navigation of employment regulations.

👉🏽 Explore cost-effective hiring in emerging economies and the benefits of diversifying hiring locations.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader, or curious about the future of work, this episode offers valuable insights. Learn how Oyster is revolutionizing the global hiring landscape, one employment contract at a time.


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Tony Jamous
Co-Founder & CEO at Oyster
Vitaly Koval
Co-Founder at GoGloby & Host of Default Global

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