Websummit RIO 2023: How to Change the World, One Startup at a Time

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Websummit RIO 2023: How to Change the World, One Startup at a Time

Oyster's Co-founder and CEO, Tony Jamous, joins fellow mission-driven entrepreneur Fabio Carrara of Solfacil at Websummit RIO 23023 to talk about the role of startups and their power to change the world. Not only do startups disrupt industries, they bring fresh perspectives, while large corporations often face challenges in changing their established practices.

On stage at Startup University, they dive into: 

  • The importance of authenticity and alignment between business models and impact
  • The skepticism that exists about mission-driven businesses
  • Their shared believe that being profitable and scalable is essential to sustaining impact

Their advice for founders and future entrepreneurs?

1. It is crucial to focus on profitability to sustain your business and mission, attracting talent and capital while reducing dependence on external funding.

2. Aligning your cap table with mission-driven investors can provide additional support, but at the early stages, financially driven investors may still be necessary for validation.


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Tony Jamous
Co-Founder & CEO at Oyster
Fabio Carrara
Co-founder & CEO at Solfacil
David Savage
Group Technology Evangelist at Nash Squared

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