Websummit RIO 2023: How to use SaaS Tools to Engage and Retain Employees

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Websummit RIO 2023: How to use SaaS Tools to Engage and Retain Employees

Oyster's very known Co-founder and CEO, Tony Jamous takes the stage at Websummit RIO 2023. He joins Silvina Moschini, Founder, Chairwoman, and President of Unicoins, and Fabricio Vitorino, Freelance Journalist (Metropoles) to unpack how the challenge of remote work management can be addressed by setting clear intentions when designing a distributed remote workplace. Tools and systems, or 'the Tools & the Rules' as coined by Tony, that prioritize productivity, success, and well-being have never been more important to the happiness of your workforce and long-term success of your business.

This session explores 4 imperatives in modern remote work management:

  • Building an intentional culture that puts trust at the center is crucial for engaging and retaining remote employees.
  • Redesigning the way companies measure results and create intentional ways of working to increase productivity, flexibility, and the ability to attract top talent.
  • Why effective leadership communication is essential to ensure fairness and equality across global workforces.
  • How mission-driven businesses can attract and retain talented employees by providing a sense of purpose, community, and additional benefits.


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Managing distributed teams
Remote work


Tony Jamous
Co-Founder & CEO at Oyster
Silvina Moschini
Founder, Chairwoman, and President of Unicoins
Fabricio Vitorino
Freelance Journalist (Metropoles)

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