From ESG to Impact: Making a Difference on a Global Scale

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From ESG to Impact: Making a Difference on a Global Scale

"The pandemic catalyzed a dramatic shift in how companies operate and also how they think about their purpose and impact, from the environmental benefits of remote work to the diversity that comes from being globally distributed. ESG, an acronym for “environmental, social, and governance” that originated in the investor community, is now used to describe a host of internal impact initiatives. When a company aligns its business model with impact, that impact can scale as the company grows—something that companies of all sizes should consider and strive for. In this session, Oyster co-founder Jack Mardack moderated a powerful panel discussion between impact leaders Xavier Langlois of Beamery, Frances Edmonds of HP Canada, and top HR innovator Karen Craggs-Milne. The three panelists shared their views on the new impactful world of work, along with stories of the work they’re doing at their own companies."


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