How to Evaluate Global Talent that Doesn't Fit the Mold

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How to Evaluate Global Talent that Doesn't Fit the Mold

To address talent shortages, ambitious growth demands, and critical skill gaps, many companies are turning to global recruitment to reach talent worldwide. But engaging global talent in an equitable way requires hiring managers to fairly evaluate candidates from a variety of experience levels and cultural backgrounds—which means overcoming hiring biases and rigid criteria that may disadvantage candidates.

In this session moderated by Oyster’s Senior Director of Global Recruiting, Eryn Marshall, Niya co-founder Cameron Brown, Jobs for Humanity founder Roy Baladi, and Tyler Parson of Chili Piper discussed how to effectively evaluate global talent that doesn’t fit the mold—candidates with unconventional career journeys, displaced refugees, neurodivergent candidates, and more.

These People leaders took a close look at the biases and challenges candidates from emerging markets might experience in a North American or European-centric hiring environment, and vouched for hiring for “culture add” rather than “culture fit.”

Watch the full recording to learn how you can make the global hiring process more flexible, inclusive, and accessible.


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