Benefits Advisor

Benefits Advisor equips you with a list of statutory, basic, good, and best-in-class benefits that companies in the top hiring locations offer and local benefits advisors recommend.

Identify the benefits offered by local employers and recommended by local experts

Creating remote work benefits has never been easier

Don’t fall for the “one-size-fits-all” benefits approach and impact your talent acquisition and retention. Understand what statutory and competitive benefits you can offer in your hiring country.

Gain a competitive edge by understanding what local employers offer and local experts recommend. Find answers to “Can I offer the same benefits in the UK and Canada?” or “What benefits do employers in Italy offer?”

Use Oyster Health to offer global and localized health benefits and Time-Off Management to manage time-off requests. (More localized benefits coming soon!)

Want to level up your benefits packages?

Explore Oyster and learn how we can help you offer global and localized benefits to team members in 180+ countries

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