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Register for free and join us at Ascent by Oyster on Aug 11

Last July, Oyster held its first annual Ascent conference, a two-day virtual event that brought together distributed workforce leaders from companies like Juno, Dropbox, Quora, and Firstbase. 

During last year’s event, we focused on how distributed teams could elevate their performance and remain impactful in remote environments. We were humbled and energized by the feedback we received and blown away by all the connections and conversations that took place during the event.

We couldn’t wait to follow that up in 2022, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Ascent by Oyster will return on August 11.

For leaders, people ops professionals, and global knowledge workers who are excited about the future of work, we’re encouraging you to look beyond borders and reimagine the workplace with us at Ascent 2022. 

Looking beyond borders 

The last few years have seen incredible global workplace transformations, not only in how work happens but also in where it happens. Because of global employment platforms like Oyster, companies are empowered to build robust distributed teams and care for them in new and thoughtful ways. 

Global employment platforms remove the complexities and barriers to global hiring, clearing the path for HR and people teams to lean into the practices and cultural foundations that fuel thriving distributed teams.

At this year’s Ascent, we’ll explore the ways that looking beyond borders creates more opportunities to support global communities within your organization and enables people teams to engage meaningfully on DEIB, employee wellbeing, and inclusive hiring practices.

Join us for panels on building thriving teams across time zones, tackling stress and burnout on remote teams, evaluating global talent, creating a successful distributed team culture from scratch, and a keynote from Oyster's founder and CEO, Tony Jamous.

Alongside speakers from Upwork, Lattice, Zapier, and more, this year’s Ascent conference will also feature conversations from Jack Mardack (Oyster co-founder), Mark Frein (Oyster's Chief Workplace Officer), Rhys Black (Head of Workplace Design at Oyster), Gregg Miller (VP of Product Marketing at Oyster), Eryn Marshall (Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Oyster), Lisa Paredes (Product Marketing Manager at Oyster), and Kim Rohrer (Head of Employee Experience at Oyster).

Check out the full agenda to learn more.

Glimpse into the future of work at Ascent by Oyster 2022

Last year’s conference highlighted the evolving role of HR, and the panels and conversations at Ascent 2022 will continue to thread this needle, featuring timely conversations around building globally distributed work environments that are scalable, inclusive, and human-centric. 

The future of work is distributed and how we build that distributed future matters. Register for free and join us at Oyster Ascent 2022 on August 11 starting at 9 am PST for insightful discussions and a chance to win some fun prizes.  

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform that empowers visionary People Ops leaders to manage and care for a thriving global workforce. Through its compliant hiring process, streamlined payroll, and localized benefits offerings, companies can bring talent aboard no matter where they're located.

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