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Now you can see the total cost of employment for any salary.

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We are excited to share the Oyster quote calculator, a simple and transparent way for companies to understand the cost of employment globally.

The quote calculator provides the total cost of employment for a given gross salary. We currently provide quotes for many countries around the world. See a full list here.

When you enter a gross salary and country for your hire, we use this to calculate the employer taxes and contributions, local employment costs, and the Oyster fee. This gives you the total cost of employment.

Transparency and convenience

“We built the quote calculator because we saw a better alternative to the time-intensive and opaque pricing process typical in this industry.” —Emily Zhang, Head of Product at Oyster

The typical experience when you talk to vendors in our space is a long drawn-out sales process, where you can wait days or weeks to get a quote. In addition, if you change any parameters, need a new country, need to update salary, you have to wait to get a new quote.

In addition, we have heard of companies padding the employer taxes & contributions. Employer taxes & contributions are costs typically paid to government agencies, for taxes, mandatory pension or insurance payments. This is a straight passthrough cost for Oyster. Unfortunately, we have heard of competitors charging the highest tier for taxes even when the salary is not in that tier, and keeping the difference. We have also heard of competitors adding various other costs that are not actually paid out but are kept as additional revenue. In our calculator, we take real taxes & contributions to be paid and show them to you.

Another difference is open and fair pricing. Every customer at Oyster sees the same quote calculator.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide a simple real time quote. When you are ready to hire, you can do that in our app as well.

Let’s focus on hiring great people and doing great work instead!

Getting access

The quote calculator is now available to all prospective and existing customers. Oyster customers can try it here. Not yet an Oyster customer? Get access today by signing up.

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, hire, pay, manage, develop and take care of a thriving global workforce. It lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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