Your guide to remote work benefits in 2022

Remote work benefits aren’t just a nice-to-have. Now, they’re a must-have. Stay compliant around the world with Oyster’s comprehensive Remote Work Regulations Guide. Better yet, use these benchmarks to stay a cut above the rest.

Explore work from home tax breaks, allowances, stipends, and more

Creating remote work benefits has never been easier

Tired of scouring the web for answers? Crack open this guide and find verified remote work regulations for 50 countries—all in one place.

A new world of remote work demands specific benefits. This up-to-date guide equips you with country-specific knowledge to build compliant benefits packages.

Compare how your company’s remote work policy measures up to global benchmarks to create competitive compensation packages.

Want to level up your benefits packages?

Oyster’s Benefits Advisor equips you with a list of statutory, basic, good, and best-in-class benefits based on what companies in the top eight hiring locations offer and local benefits advisors recommend.

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