Find and hire refugee talent with Oyster

Global employment makes it possible for refugees to find stable jobs from anywhere. With Oyster for Refugees, you can find refugee talent and hire them compliantly—at no or discounted costs—and build a brilliant, diverse team.

You have the power to make a big impact

Your business and team thrive
Hiring refugees can help you reduce talent shortage and build skilled and diverse teams that are 33% more profitable. Refugees are also more likely to stay with the same employer than other hires—reducing attrition.
Refugees and their communities thrive
Many refugees don’t have access to formal job markets but have the skills and talent. Access to global employment can help refugees find economic stability no matter where they are and accelerate change in their communities.

How can Oyster for Refugees Help you?

Find top refugee talent

Ready to meet your next all-star? Our refugee talent partner,, is here to connect you with skilled refugees from 35+ countries around the world. Their diversity recruitment platform helps you find pre-vetted candidates seeking jobs in tech or data.
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Get end-to-end employment support

Oyster helps you compliantly hire, pay, and provide benefits to refugees in 180+ countries—including developing countries with high refugee populations like Turkey, Colombia, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Germany, and Bangladesh. The hiring process can be as quick as 24 hours to two weeks.
How Oyster Works

Provide free remote-ready courses

If you find an awesome refugee candidate who doesn’t have a whole lot of remote work experience, that’s okay! We’ll help them upskill with our courses created for distributed knowledge workers.
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Access equitable hiring resources

Looking for information on how to create a more inclusive and equitable hiring process? Take a look at our centralized hub for resources, interviews, and how-to guides on hiring displaced and refugee talent.
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Ready to get started?

Whether you’re looking for refugee talent and/or need help hiring them compliantly, and Oyster have joined forces to support you. Here’s how you can get started in a few simple steps.
I need help finding refugee talent
Discover pre-vetted candidates in over 35 countries using's refugee talent marketplace.
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I need help hiring refugee talent
Found the perfect candidate? Work with Oyster to bring them aboard quickly and compliantly.
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Oyster for Refugees pricing and discounts

To help you welcome refugees into your workforce, we’re offering our services at a discount.
However, the discounted cost will vary depending on the following scenarios.

Hiring refugees in countries where Oyster has direct entities:

You pay $0 when hiring through the Oyster platform (offer valid for 10 refugee hires per company).

Hiring refugees in countries where Oyster has indirect entities through local partners:

You pay the cost of hiring charged by our local partner. We will not charge additional costs for managing their employment through Oyster.


Who qualifies as a refugee and how big is the refugee employment crisis?
How can I access’s refugee talent marketplace?
How does the pricing work? Is Oyster offering a discount?
Who is eligible for the discount?
How can I receive my discount?
Which countries can I hire refugees in?
I found a refugee talent without a clear work permit and/or access to banking services in their host country. Can Oyster help with employing them compliantly?