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We’re on a mission to help you hire your team of A-players—wherever you find them! And each month, we’re adding new partners to our ecosystem to create the best global employment experience possible. Read on to learn more about our new partners in the month of May!

Figures: Power up your compensation policy

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Figures offers reliable start-up and scale-up salaries for Europe. They provide compensation benchmarks, gender equality audits, and further insights so you can make qualitative and informed decisions about compensation. Figures empowers employers to secure the best talent by offering a competitive salary, helping them drive global expansion.

Great for: Startups in Europe—primarily in Spain, France, Germany, UK, Scandinavia and The Netherlands

TaxScouts: Stress-free tax returns

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TaxScouts works with accredited accountants to sort and file tax returns, completely hassle-free. Every year, 200 million Europeans go through the pain of personal tax preparation. If an online bank account can be opened in less than three minutes, why can’t doing your taxes be as seamless? TaxScouts’ services are simple, fast, and all online—filed in as little as 48 hours.

Great for: Freelancers and contractors located in Spain and the United Kingdom

Landing.Jobs: Get connected with the right tech companies 

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Landing.Jobs is a candidate-driven tech careers marketplace, dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with great opportunities. Their team is made up of tech professionals who understand the challenges of tech hiring. They use that expertise to successfully attract, evaluate, and engage tech professionals quickly. Landing.Jobs enables employers to secure top talent with highly in-demand skills.

Great for: Tech companies looking to scale in Europe; job seekers looking for their next tech role Find the best candidates faster logo is an on-demand recruiting platform providing flexible talent acquisition solutions that scale from startups to the Fortune 100. With an on-tap network of thousands of recruiting professionals, advanced artificial intelligence sourcing software, and recruitment marketing automation, helps businesses solve today’s complex hiring challenges. Their combination of an AI and video hiring platform—with the world's largest network of over 27,500 small and independent recruiters—helps businesses recruit faster, enabling you to scale fast!

Great for: Global employers and recruiters looking for top talent to add to their teams

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, hire, pay, manage, develop, and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. Oyster lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world—with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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