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It can take a village to hire a global team. 

While this riff on the old saying may sound great at first, HR and People Ops leaders know what we're really getting at here: Hiring around the world typically requires a lot of moving parts. If you're managing it yourself, you're dealing with endless processes, platforms, and hiring partners. 

In this case, "the village" does more harm than good.

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The vision behind Oyster's all-in-one global employment platform is to help you get the job done without the need to engage multiple platforms and vendors. And with these fresh feature updates, the job gets even faster and easier:

  • Time Zone Crossover Calculator
  • Pearl: your virtual hiring assistant
  • Global time-off management tool

Whether you're looking to build a global team or for guidance on caring for each team member, Oyster's here to help.

1. Find optimal hiring locations with this free tool

Global employment grants you access to a wider talent pool and increases the diversity of your teams—two critical drivers for business success. For companies with ambitious staff growth plans, it ticks off all the boxes. 

But hiring around the world can bring a sea of unknowns—one of which is how multiple time zones will impact team connectivity, productivity, and collaboration.

This concern is understandable. Instead of diving in headfirst, dip your toe into this new world of work with our Time Zone Crossover Calculator. Simply choose your time zone and the level of remote work (how many overlapping hours) you’d like to discover the optimal locations to hire in

That's right: you can reap the benefits of having a global team while working as synchronously, or asynchronously, as you'd like.

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The Time Zone Crossover Calculator is perfect for: HR and People Ops leaders who want to broaden their hiring horizons—but also ensure some level of synchronous collaboration and socialization. 

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2. Become a global hiring expert, without the legwork

Hiring worldwide requires a deep understanding of local compliance and other country-specific regulations. You may be drafting up employment terms for your new marketer in France one day and a developer in Brazil the next. However, if you don't have local employment information at your fingertips, each hire becomes a complex and time-consuming task.

Rather than endless searching on Google, how does working with a specialized assistant sound? Pearl is your new virtual assistant that lives inside the Oyster platform, and it's ready to guide you through every step of the hiring process. Here's a sneak peek of your new day-to-day with Pearl:

  • Pearl will proactively guide you through the hiring and onboarding process to ensure you are compliant every step of the way.
  • Pearl will surface statutory, recommended, and best-in-class options for employment terms (like vacation and probation) for you to choose from.
  • Pearl will account for country-specific hiring needs. Feel confident knowing every base is covered and costly mistakes are avoided.

With Pearl, you become a global hiring expert instantaneously—and new team members receive a stellar first experience with your company. Now that’s a trusty sidekick any HR leader would want in their back pocket.

Oyster's virtual hiring assistant is perfect for: Fast-moving companies who are interested in growing and scaling a global team but are discouraged by its complexities.

Note: Pearl’s specialized guidance is currently available for Spain, UK, India, France, Ireland, Portugal, USA, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Czechia, Hungary, and Japan—with more coming soon. 

Meet Pearl!

3. Manage all types of time-off—all in one place

Time off is crucial for creating a workplace where people can do their best work. As an HR or People Ops leader, you know it’s a priority—but managing all these leaves manually can be burdensome. It becomes even more tricky for global companies because there are so many local statutory holidays to keep track of. (SOS!)

Did you know you and your team can request, approve, and track all types of time-off requests in the Oyster platform? That includes:

  • Paid time off 
  • Unpaid time off 
  • Sick leave
  • Parental leave
  • National public holidays

Whether your Team Member needs an afternoon off for an appointment or months off for parental leave, you and your team can track it all in one place. Nobody is left in the dark.

An exciting feature that you won’t find anywhere else is our built-in public holiday calendar, which automatically accounts for statutory holidays around the world. Staying compliant—and keeping your team happy and healthy—has never been easier. 

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Oyster's global time-off management tool is perfect for: Fast-growing global companies that need a scalable solution to manage time off. HR and People Ops leaders will love its attention to both the admin and Team Member experience.

Note: This time-off feature is available for Team Members in most locations. If it’s not available for one of your Team Members, we’ll be sure to contact you.

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Better, faster, stronger HR teams

When we launch new feature updates, our primary goal is to help you work better and faster, so you feel empowered to grow a global team fearlessly. 

Right now, you're forced in too many directions to get the information, resources, and help you need. To really save time and effort, they should all be in one place. 

Need a question answered? Visit our 24/7 Help Center.

Ready to hire around the world (without consulting a village)? Try Oyster today. (But first, take an extra-long break, okay? You deserve it.)

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, hire, pay, manage, develop and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. Oyster lets growing companies give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches and expense.

Oyster enables hiring anywhere in the world with reliable, compliant payroll, and great local benefits and perks.

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