Take care of your global team

Build your team of all-stars and keep them happy by providing a great distributed team experience that allows everyone to do their best work.

Local health benefits

Offer your team exceptional benefits no matter where they’re located with Oyster Health.


Give your global team members some skin in the game by offering company equity.


Empower your team members to buy what they need to do their best work with simple expense reimbursement.

Relocation Assistance

Support team members who wish to move to another country with one of Oyster's relocation service partners.

Employee Leave Tracker Oyster

Employee Leave Tracker

Stay up-to-date with employee leave requests with Oyster's flexible leave tracker.

"As a fully remote company, Oyster enables us to expand our team globally and hire the best talent no matter where they are. We've used Oyster to hire and onboard employees in 10 different countries and we would not have been able to grow that quickly without Oyster."


— Jessica Silver, Director of People

Fast, simple invoicing and global payments

Reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane, repetitive payment tasks.

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Aggregated invoices

Manage your entire global payroll in a single monthly invoice and pay your global team in just a few clicks.

Localized pay

Pay employees in their local currency, at no additional cost.

Transparent pricing

We offer the most competitive global payment rates on the market.

Don't sweat the details—we'll handle compliance

The Oyster platform is thoughtfully designed to protect your business, stay compliant around the globe and reduce the time it takes to hire and take care of your team.

Local compliance

Built-in compliance means employment agreements are up to par with local labor laws and provide the legal protections you need.

Employment liability insurance

We've got you covered with premium liability insurance coverage, around the globe.

IP protection

Everything you need to protect your trade secrets with confidentiality and intellectual property agreements.

Legal for everyone

We strive to make legal approachable and understandable for everyone, both employers and employees.

Partners from the beginning

You don't need to become an expert in employment law in every country where you hire—we've got your back when it comes to local HR and legal guidance.

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Hire your team of
A-players, wherever you find them

No need to spend months (and thousands of $) setting up a business entity everywhere you find a great candidate. With Oyster, you can legally hire and onboard the talent you want in a matter of days.

Hire anywhere

Compliantly hire full-time employees in 90+ countries with the terms and benefits expected in local areas.

Hire quickly

Generate compliant local contracts. Hire and onboard team members in days, not weeks.

Transparent pricing

No surprise fees, no commitment. Estimate the cost of employment in different countries with our cost calculator.

Take Oyster for a spin

See how the Oyster platform can transform your business

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