Dream job. No slog.

Oyster makes it possible to get hired anywhere in the world without leaving your hometown.
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The best of all worlds

You don’t need to go halfway round the world to get a dream job. With Oyster, you get more opportunity, security, and benefits out of remote working than ever before.

Get a proper contract

Forget handshakes and vague commitments: Oyster makes sure you get a proper contract and all the legal protection you’re entitled to in your country.

Be part of the team

Oyster makes sure you get the same employee experience, wherever you’re dialing in from.

Got questions? Get answers.

You’re bound to have questions whenever you start a new job, which is why our local People Concierge—your local employment expert—is always ready with answers.

Get paid on your terms

Get paid for your work in any currency, at any time. Oyster makes sure everyone—employee or contractor—gets paid on time.

Enjoy the perks

Remote doesn’t mean you get less love. Just like any employee, Oyster makes sure you get the benefits you deserve, from healthcare to paid time off.

Forget the back-and-forth

Book time off, log your expenses, and manage your other benefits all in one place on Oyster. No more emailing HR to double-check your holiday allowance.

Never chase an invoice again

As a contractor on Oyster, it’s effortless to keep track of your pay—no more invoices, just money in your account, on time.
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"Because of Oyster, we were able to continue growing our distributed team and building our company, even as the world was shutting down from the pandemic."
Gabriel LeRoux
Cofounder, Primer
"Oyster's one-stop solution has enabled us to tap into the global talent pool quickly and easily."
Paul McGuire
CEO, tru.ID
"As a remote-first organization, we valued Oyster's ability to provide our new hires with a great onboarding experience. And the service and support from the Oyster team has been remarkable."
Ben Stephenson
CEO, Impala