Workforce Disillusionment: How Can Companies Win Back Their Employees?

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Workforce Disillusionment: How Can Companies Win Back Their Employees?

Over 50% of employees say their focus at work has taken a hit in the last year, according to our latest report on employee disillusionment. Whether they’re worried about the economy, the cost of living, or global instability — employees are more distracted (and disillusioned) than ever.  So, what can companies do to win back their workforce? 

Moderated by Jena Andres, we explore:

  • What’s fueling employee disillusionment both inside and outside the workplace
  • New strategies for engaging employees and supporting their well-being
  • Ways to build internal environments that encourage positive workplace cultures

Hear from Yen Tan (Kona), Asim Amin (Plumm), and Kim Rohrer (Oyster) as they share insights and practical tips for how companies can re-center employee well-being and strengthen support mechanisms for their workplace communities. 


Employee well-being
Future of work
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Jena Andres
Asim Amin
CEO & Founder at Plumm
Yen Tan
Co-Founder at Kona
Kim Rohrer
Principal People Partner at Oyster

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