Unlocking Collaboration in a Globally Distributed Workforce

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Unlocking Collaboration in a Globally Distributed Workforce

Facilitating collaboration in any work environment has its challenges, but the complexity multiplies when your workforce is spread out around the world. From navigating time zones to creating inclusive norms, many of us have been building the plane as we fly it. That’s why Oyster and LifeLabs Learning have teamed up to help you be an effective shepherd of collaboration and inclusion in your distributed organization!

Watch our January 24th discussion on 'Unlocking collaboration in globally distributed workforce' with Kim Rohrer & Rhys Black, hosted by McKendree Hickory from LifeLabs Learning. In this virtual event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build team trust and connection from afar
  • Navigate time zone tetris and communication considerations
  • Create culturally inclusive behavioral norms

We share examples, best practices, and resources to set you and your teams up for success. We've rounded them all up for you in this free playbook.


Managing distributed teams
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McKendree Hickory
Head of Facilitation at LifeLabs Learning
Kim Rohrer
Head of Employee Experience at Oyster
Rhys Black
Head of Workplace Design at Oyster

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