The Ultimate Guide to Hiring in Spain

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring in Spain

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of international hiring? More than ever before, companies are turning to Spain to find their next all-star team member. In this webinar, "The Ultimate Guide to Hiring in Spain", we uncover what makes Spain so attractive for employers and why the world’s top tech talent are increasingly calling Spain home.

Our panel of talent acquisition and hiring experts at Figures, Oyster, and Circular guide you through the ins and outs of the Spanish job market. In this webinar, our experts dive into:

  • Why Spain is becoming a popular hiring destination
  • Sourcing great talent in Spain
  • Compensation and pay
  • How to set up a remote employee in Spain (and why it's easier than you may think!)

So whether you're an HR professional looking to expand your country knowledge, a talent leader in search of your next global team member, or a business owner looking to grow and expand your European footprint, discover all that the Spanish market has to offer.


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Cristina Sciortino
Hiring Success Lead, Oyster
Virgile Raingeard
Co-Founder & CEO, Figures
Pedro Torrecillas
Co-Founder & CEO, Circular

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