Managing Distributed Engineering Teams

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Managing Distributed Engineering Teams

Managing distributed teams is challenging; from setting communication expectations to building trust, it is not an easy feat. In this panel hosted by, technical leaders from different backgrounds came together to share their learnings on distributed communication tips, expectations setting, giving feedback, and so much more.

This panel features Oyster's very own Senior Engineer Manager, Guilherme Marques. He is joined alongside Alexandra Sunderland (Director of Engineering at, Pat Kua (Founder of Tech Lead Academy), Katie Wilde (Senior Director of Engineering, Snyk Cloud), and is moderated by Jem Young (Engineering Manager at Netflix).


Managing distributed teams
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Alexandra Sunderland
Director of Engineering at
Patrick Kua
Founder of Tech Lead Academy
Katie Wilde
Senior Director of Engineering, Snyk Cloud
Jem Young
Engineering Leader at Netflix

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