Intentional Leadership in 2023: Revitalize Your Culture & People

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Intentional Leadership in 2023: Revitalize Your Culture & People

As a People Leader, 2023 is an opportunity to make a fresh start and lay the foundation for a work culture that truly supports your people and allows them to thrive. At the heart of this change is an intentional people-first leadership approach that addresses challenges such as burnout, quiet-quitting, and low morale while focusing on improving retention and engagement.

By setting intentions to meet the needs of your employees and adopting tactics that facilitate their growth and development, you can energize your employees throughout 2023 with positivity.

Watch this webinar hosted by Bravely to learn:

  • How to develop consistent, intentional and ethical leadership with a people-first approach
  • The type of leadership and culture employees need to thrive in 2023
  • Tactics and tools for reenergizing employees, creating a culture of support, and fostering resilience


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Rhys Black
Head of Workplace Design at Oyster
Debra Turney-Bailey
Bravely Coach
Alex Grossman
VP of Brand Strategy at HiBob

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