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Work fearlessly with support from Oyster. We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of global employment and support you while you lead your business to new corners of the globe.

Getting started with Oyster

  • Meet with an Oyster Expert to talk through your hiring goals and primary objectives.
  • Create your account and complete your profile details and employment preferences.
  • Initiate a hire in the Oyster Platform by filling in a few details about your new hire and their compensation.
  • We're here to help! Our customer experience team is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way.
Get Started

Employer onboarding to Oyster

1. Company profile
Set up your company profile by adding some details about your business.

2. Start hiring
Initiate a new hire by providing information about your future employee including their location, role, and their proposed compensation and benefits.

3. Engage team member
With your permission, we’ll engage your new hire so they're ready for day one with your organization!

Team member
onboarding to Oyster

1. Offer letter
Team members will receive an official offer letter from Oyster (in most cases, depending on their country of residence).

2. Team member intake
Team members will be asked to provide some personal information including contact details and preferences.

3. Signed and ready!
Employment contracts are generated and signed by the relevant parties, then you're ready to start!

Local guidance and helpful tools

  • Local HR and legal expertise to help you better understand your employee's local experience and manage their expectations.
  • We’re here if things get tricky. Termination guidance and expertise ensure you and your team member feel supported through every step of this difficult process.
  • A growing handful of tools to supercharge your global hiring tool stack.

Cost calculator

Instantly calculate the total cost of employment in any country, including taxes, contributions and the Oyster flat-fee.

Country profiles

Quick reference guides with all the need-to-know info for hiring and taking care of team members, based on where they live.

Contractor risk assessment

Find out whether your next hire is classified as a contractor or full-time employee by answering a few simple questions.

Ongoing support from awesome humans
  • On demand in-app chat, email support, and Zoom meetings.
  • Exclusive virtual events and webinars for product updates and best practices in global employment.
  • Browse the Oyster Help Center for more detailed product documentation.
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Our global team means that wherever you are, we'll get back to you quickly. Here's a few of the friendly faces who are ready to help:

Karita in Finland
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We work with some of the best distributed teams around

“As a remote-first organization, we valued Oyster’s ability to provide  our new hires with a great onboarding experience. And the service  and support from the Oyster team has been remarkable.”

Ben Stephenson, CEO


"Finding the perfect candidate in a new country used to require months of trying to sort out local laws and getting properly set up in-country for payroll, reporting, liability, and more. With Oyster it is just a few clicks and the candidate is onboarded within days. The freedom to expand our team at the push of a button has been a game changer for us."

Shaun Cooley, CEO


We get distributed

The Oyster team is fully distributed across 5 continents. We believe in the power of a diverse team of A-players spread across time zones—and we’re here to help you take care of yours.

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