Talent without borders

Oyster makes it easy to hire, pay, and give great benefits to your globally-distributed team

Convenient International Employment

An easy-to-use software platform that lets you give your valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches or the expense.

Hire them full-time, globally

Your valued international recruits shouldn't have to settle for contractor status, when that's not what you want. Now you can confidently offer full-time remote employment in any country.

Reliable, compliant payroll

The Oyster Global Payroll Compliance Engine automates all the intricacies of local payroll and compliance for every country where your remote employees live.

Great local benefits & perks

It takes great benefits to attract and retain the best remote talent. Oyster lets you offer your globally-distributed workforce the benefits and perks that will make them feel appreciated and secure.

See how easy international employment can be