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Hire, pay and take care of your growing team with Oyster, and hire your first employee free for a year*

*In our top hiring destinations for Startups pre-seed through Series A.

Manage your team of all-stars, wherever you find them

With Oyster, you can work with the best talent — in the world. Use our Platform to automate the complexities of scaling a global team, including compliance, payroll and health benefits.

Compliantly hire full-time employees or contractors in 180+ countries with the terms and benefits expected in local areas.Instantly generate compliant local contracts. Hire and onboard team members in days (not weeks).

Manage your entire global payroll in a single monthly invoice and pay your global team in just a few clicks. Pay employees in their local currency, at no additional cost.

You don’t need to become an expert in employment law in every country where you hire — we’ve got your back when it comes to local legal and HR guidance and help you navigate scaling your global team.

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Oyster is on a mission to help teams compliantly hire, pay and take care of their team, no matter where they live. We believe in the power of a diverse, fully-distributed team and we want to help bring yours to life.  

Plus, we're a startup, too and we love helping other likeminded teams grow across borders.

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"The freedom to expand our team at the push of a button has been a game changer for us."
Shaun Cooley