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Global work opportunities for a more equal world

Right now, the best jobs are limited to people in a handful of the world’s wealthiest cities. Yet brilliant people are everywhere. What if we could close this gap? This “what if” created Oyster.

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Who we are

Oyster is a global employment company that builds a bridge between companies and the world’s top talent—so everyone, everywhere, has the chance to prosper.

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Our mission

We’re driven to overturn the status quo and create a more equal world of work. We’re focused on building software and resources that enable companies everywhere to hire, pay, and care for talent anywhere.

Our vision

We believe distributing work opportunities can improve the health of people, communities, local economies, and the environment. Our vision is to spur a positive chain reaction around the world.

Oyster for Impact

Key Impact Metrics

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The demand for skilled work continues to increase. Our research indicates that 500 million-1 billion new knowledge worker jobs will surface by 2032.

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Oyster’s expansion is focused on emerging markets. By the end of 2022, our target is to enable employment for 90% of this population.

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Oyster is building a scalable platform that can serve millions. By 2027, our target is to place 1 million job seekers around the world in remote work roles.

Where there’s a mission, there’s a plan

Everything we do should ladder up to our mission—and that doesn’t just mean building software. We’ve developed programs, participated in workshops, and created dedicated teams to ensure we successfully support companies and knowledge workers in this new world of work.

Oyster for Impact

We have a soft spot for other impact-driven companies. If you’re a certified nonprofit or B Corp, enroll in Oyster for Impact to unlock discounts for our platform, access educational resources, and more.

Oyster takes care of your global employment needs in 180+ countries—from hiring compliantly to providing localized benefits—so you can focus on building an all-star team to drive your mission forward.

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This is an image of a globe. This is an image of employees working on a sheet of paper together.
This is an image of employees working on a sheet of paper together.

Oyster Impact Summit

To walk the walk, we had to talk the talk. So in 2021, we worked with a consultant to thoughtfully define our equation for impact. In this three-part workshop, we identified three desired outcomes. Together, they can drive the greatest impact on people, communities, and the environment.

  • A systems change: We need to change the way people think about global employment—and show that it’s easy and attainable.
  • Passionate companies: We need companies to be passionate about hiring in emerging markets and increasing diversity.
  • Empowered knowledge workers: We need knowledge workers to feel confident and capable of applying for these jobs.

Oyster Mission Delegates

Also known as the “Mission Squad,” this cross-functional team of Oyster employees is responsible for aligning existing work with Oyster’s mission and exploring new opportunities for innovative projects that are explicitly mission-driven.

Adding a “mission lens” to each team’s work ensures that we move our mission agenda and impact objectives forward. Now that’s what we call #SquadGoals.

This is an image of a globe. This is an image of employees working on a sheet of paper together.

How we connect the dots for Impact

We believe our mission can make a positive impact on multiple levels—improving individual health and financial wellbeing, reducing brain drain and accelerating development, and reducing carbon emissions, among others.

Want the full lowdown? This document unpacks our impact thesis using frameworks such as the Impact Management Project and Theory of Change, and references research to frame the impact we seek to create.

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Our core values

Each of these principles is at the heart of what we do.

We elevate talent

Global employment distributes opportunities equally around the world. When everyone has access to the best jobs, anyone can realize their full potential.

We build trust

To build trust, we maintain an active flow of information and communication, follow through with our commitments, and provide unwavering support.

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We thrive together

Our team is on a shared mission to make global employment accessible to everyone. We leverage our diverse perspectives and experiences to drive this goal forward.