Opening a world of opportunities

We envision a world in which every talented person can have a fulfilling career—no matter where in the world they live. The world is full of talented people who want to work. And the world is full of great jobs.

We created Oyster to bring them together.

Empowering the global workforce

Right now, most of the world’s talent can only consider the jobs in their local area—and unless you live in a handful of wealthy cities, those jobs are not great. 

Oyster expands those opportunities by bridging the gap between talented people and growing companies around the world that would love to hire them. We aim to empower these people, especially those in emerging economies, with a Global Career Perspective

With Oyster, there’s nothing stopping a talented person from applying to a promising startup in New York or London!

We’re doing this by making the international hiring process clean, simple, and affordable for employers. We’re helping brilliant people build fulfilling careers from anywhere. We’re helping companies of all sizes build vibrant, talented, diverse teams.

It’s a worldwide win-win.

Closing the global talent gap

Today, the world’s top startups and enterprise organisations are clustered in a handful of the world’s richest cities in a few of the world’s richest nations. But while there are plenty of jobs in these locations, there aren’t enough workers. By 2030, developed nations will be facing a deficit of 85 million workers —unless something changes. 

Meanwhile, emerging regions are on the opposite course: lots of young talent, but not enough jobs. Unemployment rates are already as high as 30% in regions such as Northern Africa, and they’re only projected to get worse—unless something changes. 

Bureaucracy makes it hard for companies to hire internationally. If a company wants to hire workers in other countries, they’re usually forced to either contract them as second-class team members or go through expensive processes of incorporating in other countries.

Hiring internationally is expensive, and often leaves overseas workers with fewer benefits.

And strict immigration policies make it even worse. Strict immigration laws mean people from the developing world rarely stand a chance of competing for these jobs—even though entrepreneurial companies often welcome a diverse talent pool.

This only further widens the economic gap between the world’s richest and poorest nations. We didn’t see any win-win options for bridging this gap.

So we started Oyster.

Changing work, changing worlds

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. We envision a different, better world for both businesses and workers. By making international hiring simple and accessible, we’ll not only make the world a better place to work—we’ll make it a better place to live.

No more brain drain

Talented workers don’t have to leave their home country for a better job: the best jobs come to them. 

Better wealth distribution

Workers don’t need to rely on their local economies and governments—they earn a fair wage for a job well done.

Secure employment

With Oyster, remote workers escape high-risk contractor status and get full-time jobs with full-employee benefits.

More diversity

When jobs don’t uproot workers from their home countries, companies will benefit from exposure to more cultures.

Cleaner planet

By providing zero-commute jobs, Oyster aims to reduce carbon footprint and ease congestion in cities.

Stronger communities

Talented remote workers can be involved in their local communities—and their salaries stimulate their own economies.

For businesses

Where you incorporate shouldn’t dictate whom you can hire.

Your workers should feel like part of the team, no matter where they are.

International hiring shouldn’t be complex or expensive.

For talent

You shouldn’t be penalized for the place you call “home.”

Work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

If you can do the job, you should be eligible to get the job.

See how easy international employment can be