Everyone should have the best job in the world

Our mission is to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere.

We imagine a world where every person is empowered to pursue their passion. Where every company is capable of connecting with the world’s top talent. And where every corner of society has the potential to prosper. Every day, our team builds software, creates resources, and engages with our community to help make that world a reality for everyone, everywhere.

We’re breaking open a new world of work

Right now, the best jobs are limited to a few of the world’s wealthiest cities. We’re changing that by making it easier than ever for growing companies to hire brilliant people, wherever you find them.

What if no talent ever went to waste?

What if it didn’t matter if the person you wanted to hire, or the company you wanted to work for, was on the other side of the world? Imagine what people and companies could do, if they weren't limited by geographical location: a new world of smart, independent, high-performing teams working on stuff that matters.

That’s the world we’re creating. One full of distributed opportunity.

Distributed opportunity: more diversity, equality and prosperity

At Oyster, we believe a world with distributed opportunity is a better world for people, businesses and economies everywhere. Here’s why:

All brain,
no drain

Forget handshakes and vague commitments: Oyster makes sure you get a proper contract and all the legal protection you’re entitled to in your country.

the wealth

Oyster makes sure you get the same employee experience, wherever you’re dialing in from.

No one’s more sick of commuting than the planet

Zero-commute jobs mean less traveling, less congestion, and less impact on the planet.

Stable job,
strong community

Oyster makes it easier for companies to offer the stability of full-time employment, with benefits to match. And because people don’t need to drop everything for work, their community gets a boost too.

Joy. Diversity. Impact.

We believe work should be a source of joy for everyone. And we believe that by distributing opportunity around the world, we can help build diverse teams around the world, and create positive social impact along the way.

The world’s waiting. Get hiring.

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