Save time & effort with these 9 updates: Q3 product updates

See what's new this quarter.

Oyster Product Updates: Q3 2023

As the leaves begin to change color for autumn, we're excited to introduce you to our latest innovations to help you fall into productivity with Oyster! Discover how our recent updates can streamline your processes, boost your efficiency, and empower your global workforce. Let's dive in! 🍂

Here’s our roundup for the quarter:

💬 Track and manage your global employment workflows without leaving Slack
🔬 Confidently assess your contractors for misclassification risks
🪴 Unlock your growth potential with Oyster Scale
🪄 More updates that make global hiring a breeze (Scroll to see ’em all!)

Streamline your global employment workflows in Slack

Effortlessly manage the entire employment journey without leaving Slack. Stay informed and quickly respond to time off requests, track onboarding milestones, manage expenses and invoices, and receive updates on approvals and timesheets. 🍂

Employee Misclassification Test: Find out if you’ve misclassified your contractors

Did you know misclassifying a contractor may expose you to various legal, financial, and operational risks? Good thing you can identify and evaluate misclassification risks just by answering a few questions about your contractors.

Our new misclassification test will help you understand risk levels based on employment factors such as location, hours, and compensation. Then get access to the resources you need to transition contractors smoothly to full-time employees.  

Oyster Scale: Lock in seats with Oyster—then use them to hire anywhere

As your operations and global footprint expand, having a larger international team becomes a top priority. But if you want to scale across borders, you need a solution that blends compliance, support, and cost-effectiveness.

Introducing Oyster Scale—the ideal solution for hiring 5+ global Team Members. This solution features seat-based pricing, allowing you to lock in reduced rates for an entire year and flexibly use your seats for new hires and backfills. Complemented by a dedicated support team, Oyster Scale streamlines bulk hiring, oversees compliance and HR matters, and provides swift responses to all your inquiries.

Ready to try Oyster Scale? Learn more about this solution from our experts.

What else is new?

🌴 Improved time off management: Oyster now recognizes local holidays! Record location details for Team Members and enable them to conveniently view state or regional holidays on their calendars for easier time-off planning. Check it out.

🤖 Discover salary and equity details while hiring: No need to have multiple tabs open! You can now access salary and equity insights during the hiring process, including role-based salary ranges, equity requirements, and potential risks associated with seniority and location. Submit a new hire.

🇺🇸 Automated employment agreements for USA hires: Generate compliant employment agreements automatically for new Team Members in the United States. Fast-track the hiring process by submitting a new hire and reviewing the employment agreement instantly. Learn more here.

📝 Amend your Team Member’s contract in minutes: Update employment agreements seamlessly using Oyster's self-serve contract amendment feature. Modify compensation, bonuses, allowances, and job details in no time. Then quickly preview changes and collect signatures—all within our platform.

Can’t wait to see these new features in action? Log into Oyster to try them out yourself!

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