From Contractors to Coworkers: When and How to Make the Switch

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From Contractors to Coworkers: When and How to Make the Switch

Are your contractors really contractors? Misclassifying contractors can present real risks to your business, and failure to stay compliant can lead to fines, penalties, or in the worst cases—class-action lawsuits.

But how do you know if contractor Katie should actually be an employee? And if you’ve misclassified your contractors, when and how can you convert them into full-time colleagues?

In this webinar we’ll guide you through best practices and explore how to make the transition smooth, easy, and human-centric. You’ll learn:

  • What the major risks of contractor misclassfication are, and how to navigate them
  • When it's the right time to convert your contractors into full-time colleagues
  • How platforms like Oyster can make the transition a breeze

Tune in to discover when and how to safely convert contractors into full-time coworkers.


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