Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once: Total Rewards Strategies for Distributed Teams

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Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once: Total Rewards Strategies for Distributed Teams

Everyone, everywhere needs to be rewarded…all at once.🫠

Building and executing on a total rewards strategy for your team is challenging enough. Throw in the complexities of a distributed team, across borders, currencies, and time zones, and things get harder still. So how can People Teams create a philosophy that rewards a globally distributed team? And what considerations should People Leaders take when getting started?

To answer these questions and more, we spoke with total rewards experts hailing from three continents, each with their own unique experiences caring for global teams. We sat down with Dave Carhart, VP of People Strategy Group at Lattice, Christophe Pasquier, CEO & Founder of Slite, and Oyster’s Senior Director of People Experience, Matt McFarlane to discuss:

🌐 How to design a global total rewards strategy in today's economic conditions, while meeting the complex and disparate needs of your distributed team.

🌐 How to take a people-centric approach to total rewards; one that puts your employees at the center of your strategy.

🌐 The differences between an equal approach and a fair approach to global total rewards, and advice for evaluating what’s best for your company.

Download Oyster's Total Rewards Playbook for your very own guide on building a total rewards strategy for globally distributed teams.


Managing distributed teams
Employee well-being
Hiring global talent
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Matt McFarlane
Senior Director of People Experience at Oyster
Dave Carhart
VP of People Strategy Group at Lattice
Christophe Pasquier
Founder and CEO at Slite
Kris Martinez
Moderator & Internal Events Manager at Oyster

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