Preparing for
Distributed Work

Your starting point for building skills for distributed work.

Course overview

Cost: Free  |  Duration: 3-5 hours  |  Format: Online self paced course

Preparing for Distributed Work is your starting point for a remote-first career. Our foundational course will give you the tools you need to be successful in the distributed workforce. Designed so you can learn at your own pace, in just 3-5 hours you’ll be prepped and prepared for your next distributed role.

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: How to work in a distributed team
Chapter 3: Effective remote meetings
Chapter 4: Health and wellbeing in distributed teams
Chapter 5: Defining your approach to distributed work

What will you learn?

This course is the perfect introduction to being part of a distributed or remote team. Our Oyster instructors will support you to:

  • Leverage distributed terminology in day-to-day conversation

  • Understand and use digital tools that facilitate distributed work

  • Build relationships in distributed companies

  • Explore strategies for maintaining a healthy work life balance

And the best part is, you’ll earn a certificate of achievement from Oyster Academy that you can share on your LinkedIn and resume.

Who is this course for?

Preparing for Distributed Work is an introductory course for those looking to understand the building blocks of distributed work.

Job seekers

You’re looking for your first role at a distributed company and want to build the essential skills needed to land your dream job.

First remoters

It’s your first time in a remote role and you want to ensure you have the skills to be successful at your remote-first or distributed company.

Distributed enthusiasts

You’re experienced in distributed working but want to brush up on best practices and ensure you have all your remote bases covered.

Meet your instructors

Rhys Black

Head of Workplace Design, Oyster

Rhys will be sharing his insight and expertise on what it is to be a successful employee in a distributed company. Rhys is focused on building the framework that allows Oyster to operate and scale as a successfully distributed organization.

Miriam Mourad

Course Coordinator, Oyster Academy

Miriam has a background in Psychology and Neuroscience and started her career in Learning and Development for startups.

Tiffany Turner

Learning Designer, Oyster Academy

Tiffany brings a unique focus on foundational career skills like building relationships, establishing trust, and communication. Before Oyster, Tiffany held a private practice as a life and career coach, and before that, worked in Human Resources at a variety of technology startups.