Distributed Bootcamp

Building Blocks of Distributed Work
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"Distributed Bootcamp brings together everything needed to operate as a great remote team. Mastering these skills will future-proof you for a rapidly changing work environment."
Rhys Black
Head of Remote @ Oyster
Cutting-edge training
Our distributed working experts and educators teamed up to create a future-proof learning journey. We teach the most advanced and up-to-date skills and tools to bootstrap you for success at a distributed company.
Sourcing the best talent
We work with community organizations to find the best hidden talent in the world. Through a highly selective process, we find job-ready talent and we make them remote ready.
Breaking down barriers
We're on a mission to unlock global talent by making cross border hiring easy. Your location should not determine your ability to work at the best companies in the world.
Many teams are still transitioning to distributed working, and many are still working like office-based teams. Working this way results in:
  • Bad communication and collaboration, especially across timezones
  • Difficulty communicating effectively through a screen
  • A feeling of Isolation, often with limited ownership or autonomy
  • Lack of company culture and team bonding
  • Personal and project management methods that no longer work as well as they should
Remote job seeking can also have its challenges:
  • Cutting through the noise to find valuable remote working opportunities
  • If you've never worked in a distributed company before, it can be intimidating to apply to one
  • Even if you have the right skills and experience for the job, you might not know the digital tools used for distributed working.

What will you learn in Distributed Bootcamp?

  • Learn to use the most advanced digital work tools.
  • Master Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication's best practices.
  • Acquire tools to maintain your physical and mental well-being.
  • Experience distributed project/self management.
  • Job coaching/career guidance to help you secure that job.
  • Connect with high growth startups looking for exceptional talent.

What to Expect

Validated Certificate
An official Distributed Bootcamp Certificate will be given upon completion of the course. Show prospective employers that you're ready for remote work!
Join a community
Distributed Bootcamp graduates will be invited to Oyster's exclusive Slack Community, along with partners, customers, and potential future employers!
Career Guidance
We will help you find and apply for remote jobs at the best distributed companies in the world.
We believe that the best learning happens by doing. To that end, Distributed Bootcamp simulates working at a distributed company. Just like remote working, the course is 95% asynchronous. During the course you'll work through lessons and tutorials together, using tools like Slack and Loom to discuss as you learn together.
While the majority of your work will be at your own pace, we'll also have regular synchronous workshops together. We designed Distributed Bootcamp so that anyone can take it, regardless of their time commitments.
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"Where you are shouldn’t govern what you do. We’re changing the way the world works - one brilliant remote hire at a time."